The Democrats Clearly Didn't Think This Vaccine Mandate Out

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

I thought it was awfully strange that the Biden administration was actually going to try to push a vaccine mandate. I can’t imagine it would have been a welcome demand for anyone but the Democrat voting base and maybe a few of the people that the mainstream media actually managed to frighten.

As I said when Biden first made this “executive order” a thing, I urged business owners to disobey it since, in truth, Biden doesn’t have the constitutional authority to tell anyone except government employees that they have to have vaccinations in order to report to work.

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It was very likely that major corporations were going to comply. There’s a whole list of reasons they would do so and inviting the wrath of both the federal government and the woke mob would be a lot more than they’d be willing to put up with. Regardless, anyone contracted by the federal government would immediately be forced to tell their employees they could either get the jab or kiss their jobs goodbye.

For Democrats and the woke, this probably seemed like a really good idea. Not only do they get to virtue signal over these backwood neo-Nazi Republicans, but they also get to take part in one of their most favorite activities; forcing people to do things against their will. At any other time, that last sentence may sound a bit hyperbolic, but you and I both know it’s not. Not at this point.

But one thing is clear. They didn’t think this out. It seems to me that they were so busy getting high on their own supply that they didn’t look at what the resulting fallout might be if Americans did what Americans do and tell authorities to go stick their orders in dark places. Perhaps they thought that when faced with the loss of livelihood, that Americans would simply fall in and comply with their draconian orders.

They aren’t. They bet on black and it came up red.

So far we’ve had thousands of canceled flights and around double that in delayed flights from Southwest Airlines. While Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said that it was due to bad weather, the “bad weather” never showed up on the radar and it didn’t seem to bother any of the other airlines. Moreover, he said there was no evidence it had anything to do with the vaccine mandate…

…but we know.

Now it would seem there are other professions who are looking to show the government just how bad an idea these mandates are; teachers.

As Jennifer Van Laar covered on Thursday, walkouts are planned by many teachers to show just how many of them California will be losing if they uphold the vaccine mandates. If California thinks it’s a good idea after that, then there’s likely going to be a very real problem in California’s education system, and I don’t mean its attempts to sneak in critical race theory under the noses of parents.

But perhaps worst and most dangerous is the number of healthcare professionals we’ll be losing as a result.

According to Bloomberg, 16 percent of hospitals were already facing staffing shortages as of October 1 according to the Department of Health and Human Services. We’re not just talking hospitals either. Nursing homes were short 14 percent in August, and mental healthcare facilities were short eight percent. Now add the number of nurses and doctors who will be out of a job over refusing to get the vaccine. According to ABCNews, around 15 percent of them are saying they don’t want it for various reasons.

Given, that number may change but that’s still a lot of doctors and nurses.

What happens when these people don’t show up for their jobs, and then another industry doesn’t, and another, and another, and another. What if we start having more shipping problems than we are now? What happens if it’s truck drivers, grocers, or mechanics?

I’m not entirely sure the Democrats thought that this kind of scenario would happen, but the warning signs continue to be there. If they were wise, they would retract the mandate immediately, but I doubt they will. They’ve never been too concerned about the actual health and well-being of Americans.

If that is the case, we’re in for a rough time, and if that happens, then the Democrats can kiss any hopes they had to hang on to power goodbye.


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