New Poll Shows Unpopularity for New Gun Control Laws Rising as Democrats Eye More

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If Democrats were trying to find yet another way to make themselves less desirable to vote for, then they found it in their love for gun control laws. According to a new poll, unpopularity for new laws is on the rise making any new legislation they wish to introduce an anchor tied to their leg.


According to The Reload, the new poll comes from Quinnipiac, but it’s not the first to indicate a shift in how we as a society feel about new gun laws:

That’s according to a new poll from Quinnipiac, which found 49 percent of adults oppose new gun laws, compared to 46 percent of those who say they support further restrictions. The findings mark the first time since 2015 that fewer than 50 percent of voters expressed support for new restrictions to Quinnipiac pollsters.

The findings are just the latest evidence of a broad shift against gun control among the American people. Last week’s poll from Gallup showed a similar drop in public support for stricter gun laws, and a recent Morning Consult poll found voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on the issue of gun policy.

Partisan identification again proved to be a significant factor in respondents’ support for gun control. Among Democrats, 91 percent said they support stricter gun laws compared to only 13 percent of Republicans. Among Independents, 39 percent expressed support for more gun control, while 54 percent expressed opposition.

What’s caused this sudden increase in the support of fewer gun restrictions? I’d like to say it has a lot to do with Republican messaging, but it’s not. As per the usual, it was Democrats doing all the salesmanship. Even at the beginning of the year, gun sales had seen a massive surge as the Biden administration took office alongside a Democrat-majority House and Senate. It was reported by the FBI that 4.3 million background checks had been performed, and while not every background check equals a purchase, not every purchase meant one gun.


That trend held well through to the middle of the year. Even before that, as the pandemic reached the height of its public panic, people were going out to buy firearms to defend their homes in case things got bad, resulting in new gun owners discovering how ridiculous their local gun laws were. Simultaneously, people were also buying guns out of fear that the Black Lives Matter riots would find their way to their homes or properties and were buying them for protection.

Democrats not only sold the firearm to the American citizen, but they also proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot with it while handing it over.

This is bad news for Democrats, especially since the administration currently in office promised sweeping gun control reforms. At this time, Biden is approaching gun control through a “suicide prevention” angle and while it doesn’t involve the implementation of any major attempts at gun control, it does focus a whole lot on virtue signaling about “gun safety” and finger-wagging at gun dealers. They had to settle on this approach as they are well aware of the polling numbers for firearm laws as well. Their hands are tied, but they must keep up appearances somehow.


This also doesn’t bode well for anyone who promised massive gun reforms and spouted really fiery talk about seizing guns. People like VP Kamala Harris who openly stated that she wanted to ban semi-automatic weapons, and people like Beto “hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15” O’Rourke who has announced he’s throwing a snowball into Hell and running for Governor of Texas.


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