Jill Biden Promotes Organization That Instructs Illegal Immigrants On How to Avoid Arrests and Deal with ICE

Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP

If you’re wondering how concerned the Biden White House is about the border then here’s a solid clue. First Lady Jill Biden spoke at an event promoting the school of a donor whose non-profit instructs illegal immigrants on how to avoid arrest in the United States.


According to Fox News, Biden was hosted by a private school run by a Democratic donor Irene Caudillo, whose non-profit organization, El Centro, released a series of videos teaching illegal immigrants steps on how to avoid arrest if caught by border officials, including ICE:

El Centro’s nonprofit arm has published a series of videos on how illegal immigrants can avoid arrests, with tips such as ignoring ICE agents during any interactions and contacting “a member of the community who does have status,” the outlet reported.

“In this video we detail the steps you can take if you have an ICE agent meeting. We want to make sure our families are informed of their rights and stay protected and safe,” reads a 2019 Facebook post from El Centro Inc., which was translated from Spanish to English.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that El Centro has received funding from an activist group looking to push critical race theory in K-12 classrooms called UnidosUS. Moreover, Caudillo serves on the board of Revolucion Educativa, which is affiliated with a group that promotes critical race theory as an “important” framework for students.


Biden touted her visit with El Centro last Tuesday on Twitter, attributing the words like “strength” and “compassion” in order to describe the organization.

This is hardly a good look for the Biden administration, especially amidst a border crisis so profound that state leaders such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott are being forced to take matters into their own hands and protect the border on behalf of, not just the state, but the entire country.

According to Fox Business, border ranchers are being “pummeled” by the border crisis, and that many “fear for their lives.”

“You’ve got to look around like, is somebody out there? You just don’t know who’s watching you,” rancher Donna Schuster told Fox Business. “There’s some kind of sign that someone has been there since the last time I was there the day before. It’s either trash, footprints, gate left open, fence cut, water line broken, float broken for a trough that waters the livestock. It’s something every single day.”


According to RedState’s Mike Miller, the Biden administration also seems to be helping illegal migrants directly as underage migrants are being flown into New York in the middle of the night.

If you were hoping that the Biden administration would, at some point, get serious about the border, then don’t hold your breath. It’s clear that they aren’t just uncaring about it, they’re embracing it.


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