The ACLU Performs Mental Gymnastics in Support of Vaccine Mandates, and Is Rightly Skewered for It

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“Freedom is slavery” is no longer a phrase you’ll just find in George Orwell’s “1984” used by the despotic government in the novel. While the American Civil Liberties Union didn’t say that phrase directly, it took the exact meaning and made it their own in their latest tweet supporting vaccine mandates.


The ACLU tweeted on Thursday that vaccine mandates actually make people freer because it protects all the people you’d become a public pariah for not caring about, including minority communities, children, and people with disabilities.

“Far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties. They protect the most vulnerable, people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated, and communities of color hit hard by the disease,” tweeted the ACLU.

It continued piling it on by saying it would protect teachers and healthcare professionals. They finish by saying that all our basic civil liberties will be restored if, and only if, we force needles into people’s arms and inject them with chemicals they may not want.


It’s pretty obvious that there is no freedom in being forced to have injections of anything into your body, whether it’s a vaccine or grape juice. Freedom is the ability to choose what you want to do with yourself, for good or ill, and it would be a violation of your civil liberties to be told you have to get the shot or suffer consequences of any kind.

The ACLU, an organization that would once have raised eight kinds of hell over the suggestion that people should have to suffer this kind of violation, is now suggesting that not only should you be forced to get the vaccine, but that not doing so makes you morally reprehensible. You’re now a person who not only doesn’t cares about the children (children don’t actually suffer from COVID infection) but that you’re a racist, hate the disabled, and think our medical professionals aren’t important.

Funny enough, even on its face, the ACLU’s reasoning hardly holds water. Anyone can see that this is a clear violation of civil liberties, so the question has to be asked. Who is this trying to convince?

Judging by the fiery responses, the answer to that is “no one.”


On the surface, it feels like they’re trying to make the argument to Americans that supporting a clear removal of one’s own ability to make a decision about their own body is freedom, because freedom is slavery to a virus. In truth, it almost seems like they’re trying to convince themselves, or at the very least, give the left an argument to use when people bring up the inevitable argument popularized by the left: “my body, my choice.”


This is the left reaching for a reason to continue their stances, at a time when it’s consistently being proved that the vaccine isn’t going to stop this virus and that the virus itself isn’t actually all that deadly. The reasons for the government to enact more controlling measures over the populace are dwindling, and they need to keep the left’s spirits up with shiny new arguments they can use as published by the New York Times.

This virus is less “pandemic” and a lot more “politics.”


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