Taliban Begin House-to-House Executions With US Government's Full Departure from Afghanistan

AP Photo/Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

Now that the United States government’s last plane has gone and Americans and their allies were abandoned in the process, the Taliban are reportedly going from house to house and executing residents.


Originally reported by Fox News, a video posted by an American ally filmed a video where gunshots can be heard not too far away.

“I think there’s a conflict between the Taliban, I have no idea where I’m located. From everywhere I hear the sounds of shooting, gunfire. I have no idea how to leave,” the man who recorded the clip said.

That the Taliban are going door to door and executing people comes from an unnamed senior U.S. official. Fox News reported that the worst of the Taliban activity was kept away from Kabul due to all the media attention it was receiving at the time. With the withdrawal of the U.S., it’s likely that the Taliban will begin resuming regular activities such as the executions:

Last Wednesday, a former translator for a high-ranking U.S. Army Ranger told Fox News the Taliban had started executing allies of the U.S. in public, in provinces away from the media attention of Kabul.

“They are not doing really bad stuff in Kabul right now because there’s a lot of media focus on Kabul, but they already started public execution in other provinces where a lot of media is not available or covering it,” the interpreter said.


The Taliban seems to be very wary of the power of the media and wants to be able to manipulate people in the west as much as possible. For instance, the Taliban recently said one of their biggest concerns as a new government is “climate change,” which is obviously a lie, but may very well work on people within the media and climate alarmists.

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This news makes the list given to the Taliban by the U.S. government filled with names of Americans and American allies all the more sinister. With no one watching, the Taliban will likely slaughter or torture anyone abandoned by the U.S. government’s swift retreat. This makes the claims that the list would ultimately be a “kill list” overwhelmingly true.

This may be one of the greatest betrayals the U.S. government has ever committed, not just on its own allies, but its own people.


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