You Don't Need to Create Hoaxes Like This to Slam the Left

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A few days ago, I wrote of a story that was going around the internet about a racial advocacy group in Dallas that was threatening well-to-do Dallas “liberals” with doxxing if they didn’t sign a pledge against sending their children to ivy league schools.


I decided to report on it as it was being covered by everyone from the Daily Mail to the Daily Wire but expressed a bit of doubt about its legitimacy. Between myself and my colleagues, it seemed the story was a bit too good to be true, and skepticism seemed warranted within the coverage.

(READ: Texas Racial Advocacy Group Threatens to Doxx White Parents That Don’t Obey Them)

The sad part was that I still felt the need to mention it because we’ve entered a point in time where the left has become so absurd that I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this. Antifa activists, for instance, aren’t known for subtlety. The Federalist compiled seven examples of leftists openly threatening people with doxxing and organized violence before the November elections in 2020. A social justice group threatening to doxx people who don’t fall in with their demands isn’t exactly outside the realm of believability.

But as it turns out, this particular story may very well be false. According to the Dallas Observer, some people did some digging and found that the social justice group in particular, “Dallas Justice Now,” seems to have some connections to right-wing groups. The author of the piece has a bad habit of calling everything alt-right or far-right, but throughout the odd attempt at painting everything but Antifa as extreme (a red flag in itself) the important bits of information are:

  • They claim to be a non-profit but there is no filing for their group in state or federal government non-profit databases despite having existed since October 2020.
  • The pledge for “white allies” to sign on the website has no code for filing these names, meaning it’s just a showpiece on the site with no real documentation going on.
  • Michelle Washington seems to be a fabricated name with only an obviously fake Facebook page for her.

There’s also a bit about the Dallas City Wire, the site that was linked directly by Dallas Justice Now in an appreciative blog post, being linked to a conservative media company that created almost 200 local news sites in the last election.

While it’s not absolute proof that the group is fake, it sure seems like a lot of evidence that points towards that being the definitive reality. Assuming it’s fake, then why would someone create that? The easiest answer would be money. Gathering cash to combat a growing threat in your neighborhood is much easier when there’s a growing threat. This could be a right-leaning political group attempting to capitalize on the left’s extremism, or it could just be some grifter playing out a con.


Grifting your way to wealth using political issues isn’t uncommon. Black Lives Matter’s leader did it.

If it is a conservative group trying to generate an enemy to raise money from, then the question has to be asked. Why? It’s not like the left isn’t giving us daily examples of why they need to be fought.

For conservatives and Republicans, creating a hoax about the left’s extremism isn’t necessary. A real one will be along shortly. Creating hoaxes only detracts from the real issues and only gives the left something to squawk about. It’s a waste of energy and it definitely won’t make you friends on either side.



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