Texas Racial Advocacy Group Threatens to Doxx White Parents That Don't Obey Them

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A mightily bold racial advocacy group in Texas called “Dallas Justice Now” is telling “liberal” Dallas area parents that if they don’t sign a pledge to keep their white kids out of ivy-league schools, then the group will be publicly announcing their names.


The group’s website states that “talk is not enough” and that sacrifices need to be made to make up for centuries of “injustice.” This group has declared that not sending your kid to the likes of Harvard is a good place to start, as it opens up spots that a person of color can take:

Open up spaces for Black and LatinX communities by refusing to send your kids to Ivy League and US News & World Report Top 50 schools and encourage friends, neighbors, and family members to do the same. Imagine if those hundreds of thousands of spots at these institutions were occupied only by marginalized communities. Imagine the opportunities. We can achieve true equity within our lifetimes but only if white folks are willing to sacrifice their privileges.

In yellow word before the sign-up for the pledge, it warns that those who do not sign will have their names publicly announced if they refuse to.

In an article in the Dallas City Wire, it would appear that this has already begun to happen. One Dallas resident spoke out against the pledge, causing DJN to release her name and information about her job. The woman, Cassie Tomlin, referred to DJN founder Michele Washington as a liar after Washington claimed Tomlin was a racist.


“I wholeheartedly dispute and deny all accusations made by Michele Washington and Dallas Justice Now,” she told the Wire in an email. “Ms. Washington’s statements are factually incorrect and intentionally misleading. Her statements are part of an ongoing campaign of harassment lodged against me, a single mother, because of an agenda she wishes to advance. I am now and have always been an active advocate for social justice.”

Washington accused Tomlin of being the embodiment of a racist “Karen.”

“She donated $3 to DJN only to claim a couple of minutes later that DJN is a scam,” Washington alleged. “Then, she attempted to weaponize law enforcement by calling the University Park Police Department to complain about the pledges and try to put our volunteers in danger. Calling the police on people of color when not in imminent danger is itself an act of violence.”

To be clear, the jury is still out on whether this group is legitimate and not just a ploy for media attention, but DJN has claimed that they’re now getting involved with A&M professors according to the Dallas City Wire:

Washington added that DJN will soon unveil an Advisory Council that includes Professor Troy Harden, director of the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute at Texas A&M.


It may very well be a real group threatening people in the Dallas area, and if it is, I can’t imagine it will escape lawsuits. It’s awfully bold for a group to threaten people on its website, and by bold I mean “litigiously risky.”

That said, if it is real then this racial advocacy group is resorting to intimidation and threats of terrorism. The only reason anyone would want to expose the names of people who refuse to sign a pledge to reduce the educational choices of their own families is to either make them feel unsafe in their own homes or pressure their jobs to punish them.

RedState will keep you updated on the story as it plays out.


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