The LGBT Community Needs to Draw Lines Against the Pedophiles Attaching Their Name to Them

Like the inclusive kind of guy I am, this article is for everyone, but I’m specifically speaking to members of the LGBT community here.

Despite what stereotypes may tell you, being conservative doesn’t automatically make you a hater of gays. I know many people in that community and am friends with quite a few. I may not agree entirely with their lifestyle but it doesn’t have to stop me from being friends with them because I don’t have to fully define someone by who they’re sexually attracted to. It feels shallow to do so. Two consenting adults can do whatever they want behind closed doors.


The key phrase here, however, is “two consenting adults.” I’m sure many in the LGBT community have noticed that there’s an increasingly aggressive movement to bring children into the mix.

Let’s get this part out of the way real fast. I’ve not gotten to know a single member of the LGBT community who is okay with pedophilia. I know several who would become openly violent with a pedophile if they ever came across one. The reason for this is obvious. Children are innocent, non-sexual creatures who don’t need to be introduced to the sexual world until certain levels of maturity are reached during their emergence into actual adulthood.

But I’ve seen an increasing attempt to introduce children to sexualities, and not in the basic “love is love” kind of way, but introducing these children to “kinks.” I think we can all agree that this goes too far. Introducing the concept of same-sex romantic relationships may be one thing, teaching a kid that sometimes people like to do things that sexually excite them is another.

Here we see this very thing being encouraged at the Washington Post on Tuesday.


They can use the excuse that they’re trying to normalize gay and lesbian love all day, but again, romantic love and bedroom adventures are two different things. Kids don’t need their parents to explain their closed-door activities to them for them to understand loving partnerships. Disney didn’t have to list fetishes in order for girls to get romance.

This is trying to introduce children to sex, pure and simple.

The sexualization of children used to be something you would only find being endorsed on the front page of outrage and hate-click websites like Gawker. It was attempting to toe its way into the mainstream but was still rejected by the general public. Now it’s being touted by mainstream publications like WaPo.

Here’s the bottom line. People outside of the LGBT community can raise hell all day, but at the end of said day, the resistance is going to have to come from within the LGBT community. At this time, the pedophiles are attempting to slowly infiltrate and attach themselves to the LGBT movement and ride it into mainstream acceptance. They are using the LGBT community.

We may not agree on a few key issues, but I think we agree on this. Children should not be sexualized. They shouldn’t have to bear witness to kinks or fetishes. It’s as abhorrent as it is unnecessary and only damages children, in the long run, to be subjected to this kind of adult material so early in their years.


Don’t let these people become one of you. Stand up against them and push them out. Don’t allow them near the children under your banner. The LGBT community should draw lines and stop pedophiles from co-opting your movement.



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