AOC and BLM's Silence as a Black Child Is Killed Near AOC's District Is a Sobering Lesson About the Left

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The left loves to make a big scene about black lives but the truth is that black lives only matter when black lives are useful. The moment they don’t serve the greater narrative or have no contribution to an agenda, black lives are ignored.

Take, for instance, the case of Justin Wallace, a 10-year-old boy who was just three days away from his 11th birthday when he was shot in the chest after a gunman opened fire at his aunt’s home in Far Rockaway on Saturday. Despite the bluster from the left during the election, suddenly speaking out about black lives isn’t as important, even when it’s an innocent young boy.

As originally caught by Fox News, Black Lives Matter hasn’t really said anything about Wallace. Also interesting is the fact that Queens Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said absolutely nothing about it despite it happening at her district’s front door.

Fox News has reached out to both BLM and AOC, but neither has returned any comment.

The only one who did say anything was Rep. Gregory Meeks, who did what Democrats do and immediately seized on the moment to talk about passing gun control laws.

“Taking action is an imperative, and I implore my colleagues on the local level to evaluate how we can curb such violence in our communities, and I will continue to push for meaningful gun reforms on the federal level,” he tweeted.

I want to reiterate two things here. For one, Black Lives Matter isn’t an organization that has concern for black lives. They never have. It was a ploy to get more power for certain politicians, and it worked. You’ll notice that once the money had been made and the politicians had been elected, Black Lives Matter faded away in the background…again.

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AOC, just like BLM, only seems to be concerned with things if it’s useful to her. At one point, AOC was doing photoshoots at the border, outraged, screaming, and teary-eyed because they were walking children into cages during the Trump administration.

Of course, once Biden was in, AOC suddenly found her outrage tempered and called for understanding for her party and its leader.

The left is full of grifters who know how to prey on the outrage, fears, prejudices, and hatred of people. They utilize every platform to great effect in order to spread their narrative and that translates into followers, which then translates into dollars and power.

But rest assured, it is a grift. The outrage they would show over the death of a 10-year-old boy if he had been shot by a white cop would be so massive that they would be talking about it overseas. Every television, radio, and internet zine would be discussing it. Marches would be organized, demonstrations and concerts would be popping up left and right. It would be bedlam.

But that’s not what happened and so that’s not what’s going to happen. The news about this boy’s death will fade into the background. Wallace’s death didn’t fit the correct criteria to be outraged about and so the performers on the left won’t take the stage.

It’s a sobering lesson. The left doesn’t care about you, they only care about what you can do for them.