Try Not to Be Surprised About AOC's Major Gear Change on "Kids in Cages"

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Remember back when New York Representative and “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was so upset about migrant “kids in cages” that she and her friends dressed in all-white, got camera-ready, and then flew down to the border to scream and protest the border guards as they led these poor, helpless children into a prison that was just like Auschwitz?


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Remember when it turned out she was actually just screaming at an empty parking lot and it was really all just a publicity stunt to signal her unbelievably pure and overwhelming virtue?

AOC herself must not remember how outraged she was. As my colleague Nick Arama covered in an article on Tuesday evening, AOC’s response to the “kids in cages” issue is now more measured and patient under the Biden administration than it was under the Trump administration.

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As you can see from the compiled tweets, AOC has gone from screaming through chainlink fences at empty roads to making sure everyone knows that the “migrant facility for children,” as WaPo so elegantly describes it, “never will be okay” no matter who is in office. Now, under Biden, she wants a far more measured thought process about how we tackle the problem and asserts that we should all start “reimagining our relationship to each other” so we can begin “challenging common assumptions we take for granted.”

Also, she wants to eliminate the Department of Homeland Security, because AOC can apparently only tolerate so much calm and nuance.


We’ve seen a multitude of examples, but I think here we can really see AOC come into focus. She tries to present herself as a tireless freedom fighter on the side of truth, justice, and the democratic way. She is both victim and warrior, standing up for the little guys who can’t stand up for themselves. A righteous modern-day civil rights hero ready to stand up to impossible odds as David did to Goliath.

What she really is, however, is a grifter. A spoiled Veruca Salt who can’t stand hearing the word “no,” who will literally throw tantrums or call for calm and thoughtfulness based on how much it benefits her. A girl who will proclaim that we need to have more measured conversations one moment, and declare that a Senator tried to have her killed the next.

She’s far less Rosa Parks and way more Al Sharpton. Like Sharpton showing up to black neighborhoods to give a speech about how they’re poor and oppressed in order to foment racial tensions and advocate for the Democrat Party, and then leaving without helping anyone there at all, AOC cares so much about migrant children, but only if her photographer can get the right angle when capturing her “care.” Now that it’s no longer politically viable to be angry about it, the “kids in cages” issue isn’t as pressing.


If illegal immigrants were hoping to find a strong ally in AOC, then they had better hope the political atmosphere is right, the stars are aligned, and the dice come up the right way, because the moment the migrant issue loses its “umph,” AOC will be long gone trying to play up her next grift. The migrant children in these facilities are the perfect example. Right now, the kids in cages are less like the Jewish people in Nazi Germany, and more of a conversation that needs to be had. That’s a big downgrade in importance.

This should be a lesson to anyone who believes they’ve fallen under the umbrella of protection that AOC supposedly provides. You’re not in her heart as an important issue, you’re just useful right now.


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