When Open Conversation and Debate are Allowed, Wokeism Dies

When Open Conversation and Debate are Allowed, Wokeism Dies

Political extremism is one of the things on this planet that dies the moment it’s exposed to air. Extreme-leftism, for instance, can only survive in a vacuum devoid of argument. Should it be exposed to too much of it, many of its arguments shrivel and die. This applies to any extreme and divisive ideological position, including social justice, feminism, or today’s “wokeism” which is an intersectional mess of every leftist social movement under the sun.

One thing you’ll notice is a lack of argument on the left. It’s not actually allowed in many leftist circles and avoided in most others. The more public the circle is, the less likely you’re going to find oppositional ideas being presented to the narrative unless, somehow, the advantage is firmly tilted toward the leftist’s favor.

Major news networks like CNN are highly guilty of this, to the point where exiting executives are telling their anchors that they need to have more ideological diversity on their shows while live on air.

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Those who present high-profile arguments to the public also seem to avoid actually testing their arguments against the opposition. As the Daily Wire reported on Friday, “White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo has been reportedly ignoring invitations by human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to debate the validity of the “systemic racism” claim made by the left. The invitation even includes the incentive of giving $22,000 to Kenya’s most underprivileged children if the leftist would have a public debate on the subject.

Hard-leftists and their ideas can never be too careful about where they go to voice their ideas and will actively avoid putting themselves, their arguments, or their reputations on the line. A loss in a public space could result in the collapse of an empire, or at the very least, set back progress by years. People who could be considered thought-leaders that carry the message to the people could be lost, giving up valuable ground to the opposition.

For instance, when New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was invited to a debate with Ben Shapiro, she refused and accused those pushing her to the debate of “catcalling” her. It was a claim that made no sense, but it didn’t need to. She just needed to use a buzzword that reminded her leftist defenders of “sexism” and the foundation for a refusal was set in place. AOC is one of the left’s boldest and loudest proselytizers, yet you’ll never see her appear on Fox News or OANN. The moment she does, she loses ground.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an idea being pushed on everyone from students to government employees, and you’ll notice that they want CRT pushed with as little notification to the parents as humanly possible. For instance, Santa Clara County in California urged teachers to hide the fact that they’re teaching students CRT from both parents and administrators. One Nevada school was threatening to fail a student for not participating in CRT curriculum until the mother got the legal system involved. To be clear, they wanted him to “participate” in CRT, not “debate” CRT and they were attempting to do this as stealthily as possible.

The pattern here is that leftist ideology can really only thrive where ignorance is abundant. Looking at other extreme leftist governments, whether they be Soviet Russia or North Korea, one of the biggest concerns was/is information control. The more knowledge and freedom of thought to go around, the less these forms of government made sense, and those in charge knew it.

It’s much the same in today’s world. Don’t allow debate, threaten retribution for those who don’t blindly fall in line, and shame those who question the narrative.

It’s brainwashing on a massive, gradual scale, and when allowed to thrive, free expression and debate will cause authoritarian and backward ideologies like the left’s wokeism to fade into the shadows. This is why they want so badly for Fox News to disappear, and consistently silence anyone on social media who becomes too convincing, whether they’re right or not.

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