Nevada School Attempts to Teach Anti-White Propaganda and One Mother Is Teaching Them a Lesson

A school in Nevada is attempting to teach its students racism against white people, but a black mother is taking action against the school with a lawsuit in order to protect her son from it.


According to an interview with Fox and Friends, Gabrielle Clark’s biracial son, William, is attending the Democracy Preparatory Academy in Nevada and was put into a sociology class that began teaching students critical race theory.

Critical race theory is a social justice concept that effectively forces those who adopt it to view everything through the lens of race, be it historical events or peer-to-peer interaction. It’s a radicalized ideology that foments racism and causes racial issues where none really exist and primarily focuses on labeling the white community as “oppressors” or “colonizers.”

William refused to participate in the class and was threatened with a failing grade, and Clark was unable to pull him out of the class. Now, Clark is suing the school.

In the Fox and Friends interview, Clark was angry that this kind of curriculum was even being taught at all and that “they were asking my son to reveal identities that are protected.”

“You can’t do that at a job. You shouldn’t be able to do it at a school,” said Clark. “It put a target on my son’s back. If somebody didn’t like what he had to say, then that would have put him in danger. And I think that was a grievous wrong.”

Clark gave an example of what her son was being forced to do and how the teachers would use the information gathered from the student in order to put them into a class category.


“He was asked to answer the questions and then the teacher would then scrutinize and label whether or not his particular identities were under the category of oppressor or privileged or oppressed,” she said.

Clark’s attorney, Jonathan O’Brien, was also in the interview and said more lawsuits like this are coming all over the country, noting this kind of thing isn’t atypical and that it constitutes “compelled speech.”

According to the lawsuit itself, William was told that not participating in this exercise would result in his graduation being withheld.

It also states that this lesson was done in stealth with the agenda item withheld from the syllabus given to the parents.


It’s clear that many schools have become a breeding ground for radical ideologies and should be watched very closely. Parents of students should be seeing to it that these schools stay free of indoctrinating students with radical ideologies by asking their children what kind of material they’re being taught and making sure that it stays within the bounds of the approved syllabi.

Over the course of the past few years, public schools have become a focus of social justice advocates wishing to brainwash children into their radicalized ideologies at an early age so that their beliefs become normalized. This can’t happen. Social justice and critical theory are poison to any nation they touch as they breed bigotry, prejudices, and false ideas about failed economic systems.

As O’Brien said, be prepared to see far more lawsuits like this one pop up across the country as more and more schools are found to be infested with hard-left curriculums.


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