A California County Urges Teachers to Hide Anti-American "Ethnic Studies" Lessons From Parents

The County of Santa Clara in California has issued “ethnic studies” guidelines for teachers that are, unsurprisingly, wholly anti-American and are designed to teach your children about the evils of white people, the United States, capitalism, and more. On top of that, teachers are urged to hide these lessons from the parents, and even the school administrators, if need be.


City Journal reporter Christopher F. Rufo got ahold of slides featuring guidelines for teachers that teaches children that the United States is a “parasitic system” that came about due to the “invasion” of “white male settlers.” According to Rufo, teachers are to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” so that they can be made into political activists.

When the training of these teachers started, Santa Clara County first acknowledged they were on “unceded territory of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.”

The presenter had what was standard social justice, hard-left fare, including the idea that America is a racist nation founded by racist white men, with all the sins attached to it. The teaching of the children, according to one adviser, was for the children to be “awakened” (brainwashed) into being good little soldiers that will one day “dismantle” the American system in order to institute Marxist systems in its place.


As Rufo writes in City Journal, teachers are told to hide this curriculum, not just from parents, from administrators as well. They also need to be extra careful since remote learning puts these lessons in people’s homes:

Teachers must be careful, though: Pacheco and the other panelists suggested that local educators hide this revolutionary pedagogy from administrators and families. “District guidelines and expectations are barriers,” said one panelist. “[We] have to be extra careful about what is being said, since we can’t just say something controversial now that we’re in people’s homes [because of remote learning].” In addition, teachers must acknowledge that they, too, can become oppressors in the classroom. “Inherently, [it is the] oppressor who sets the rules.” Teachers must “recognize [their] own privilege and [their] own bias” in order to align themselves with the oppressed and work toward dismantling systems of oppression.


You can see the slide for yourself below.

What’s disturbing is that this isn’t just an activist group attempting to inject radicalism into the public school system as a third party, this is the county itself pushing this on teachers, and encouraging them to undermine the administration within these schools as well as keep parents in the dark as to what exactly they’re trying to teach their children.

This is pure, unadulterated anti-American hate and pro-Marxist sentiment being injected into the impressionable minds of young children for the sole purpose of using them as soldiers to institute failed systems of oppression.

What’s more, this shouldn’t be written off as an isolated incident. Instances of ideological brainwashing in public schools aren’t exactly uncommon as City Journal has written previously, including this instance in Philidelphia:

A Philadelphia elementary school recently forced fifth-grade students to celebrate “black communism” and simulate a Black Power rally in honor of political radical Angela Davis.

According to whistleblower documents and a source within the school, a fifth-grade teacher at the inner-city William D. Kelley School designed a social studies curriculum to celebrate Davis, praising the “black communist” for her fight against “injustice and inequality.” As part of the lesson, the teacher asked students to “describe Davis’ early life,” reflect on her vision of social change, and “define communist”—presumably in favorable terms.

At the conclusion of the unit, the teacher led the ten- and eleven-year-old students into the school auditorium to “simulate” a Black Power rally to “free Angela Davis” from prison, where she had once been held while awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy, kidnapping, and murder. The students marched on the stage, holding signs that read “Black Power,” “Jail Trump,” “Free Angela,” and “Black Power Matters.” They chanted about Africa and ancestral power, then shouted “Free Angela! Free Angela!” as they stood at the front of the stage.

Unfortunately, the programs at William Kelley are no aberration. In recent years, the entire Philadelphia public school system has embraced the philosophy of “antiracism.” Last summer, the superintendent released an Antiracism Declaration promising to “[dismantle] systems of racial inequity” and circulated a memo recommending racially segregated training programs for white and black educators. The local teachers’ union produced a video denouncing the United States as a “settler colony built on white supremacy and capitalism” that has created a “system that lifts up white people over everyone else.” The solution, according to the union, is to overthrow the “racist structure of capitalism,” provide “reparations for Black and Indigenous people,” and “uproot white supremacy and plant the seeds for a new world.”


It’s imperative that parents be on high alert when it comes to their children’s education. Radical ideologues have infiltrated many a school system with the express purpose of teaching your child to become a good little foot soldier for their cause and it’s imperative that they be discovered and terminated from their jobs.


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