Kimberly Klacik Spotlights the Problem With White Leftists While Roasting One

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

There’s a concept out there called the “white savior complex” in which a white person believes that the only thing standing between any given minority group and complete annihilation or societal rejection is the utilization of their “white privilege” to protect and uplift them.

It’s an idea that’s infected the left by and large, and while they see it as a form of repentance for the way America enslaved black people before the civil war, what it really is is a form of bigotry that denigrates minorities as incapable and incompetent and can only make it with the help of their white saviors. It’s a complex that allows white leftists to pat themselves on the back and claim they’re not racist like their ideological opposites while actually being racist.

A side effect of this mentality is that if a black person acts in a way that these white saviors don’t approve of, then they’re somehow toxic and must be corrected. This results in white people telling black people what they have to believe, how they have to act, and what they have to do in order to be considered “Black” with a capital “B.”

Case in point, after former congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik gave her opinion about the destructiveness of critical race theory in America, a white leftist came in to correct her about her situation in this country. Klacik wasn’t having any of it, though, and soon the leftist found himself in a position he never thought he’d be in.

It started when Klacik was on a Newsmax panel and called critical race theory a “conspiracy theory” and pointed out that Nigerian-Americans are some of the most successful people in the country despite being black, all with high-powered careers and loads of success. She noted that their success is attributed to healthy home life, hard work, and education.

Enter “radio journalist” Steve Kastenbaum who decided to correct Klacik about her thinking by stating that despite her success and regardless of her point, black people in America are victims.

“Critical Race Theory aside, is this the, “I succeeded and I’m Black, so you should, too” claim that inherent bias doesn’t hold Black people back in America?” tweeted Kastenbaum.

Klacik fired back with both barrels, putting Kastenbaum and his assumptions in the garbage where they belong.

“The most interesting part about my life is the number of white people telling me what it’s like to be black,” she tweeted. “It’s astonishing. I’ve been black my whole life, yet white liberals are constantly telling me how my journey is going & why I am where I am. Steve, respectfully, STFU.”

This is common enough RedState recently covered a black woman who roasted Alyssa Milano for this same problem of holding the assumption that because a person has black skin that they’re all the same; that one black person can be easily swapped out for another and it’d be the same story.

The black woman was attacked and told that the only people who agree with her are white, to which she fired back that every time she voices an opinion that goes against the grain that those with white savior complexes have foisted upon our consciousness, she gets that comment. She noted that it’s not only racist, it implies that she needs to think, act, and speak a certain way in order for her opinion as a black woman to be accepted.

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There are no two ways about it. For all the good intentions some leftists may have with this idea that all black people are victims and should be supported and helped, it shoves every person with a certain level of melanin into a box and tells them they aren’t who they if they step one foot out of it. This is racism, pure and simple.