One Texas Congressman Isn't Letting a Democrat's Racist Remarks Against Tim Scott Go Unanswered

If the Democrats won’t do anything against their own when they make openly racist remarks, then a Texas Republican will.

As we previously covered, Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor called South Carolina Republican Tim Scott an “Oreo” (meaning a black man accused of white-skinned thinking and behavior) after Scott completely rejected the idea that America is a racist country. O’Connor later apologized and tendered his resignation but the Democrat Party wouldn’t allow it.


As RedState covered earlier Wednesday, the Democrats released a statement effectively brushing O’Connor’s racist slur off, saying that it’s “incompatible with his core values.”

To be sure, if a Republican had said it, there would be no brushing it off and the entirety of the left, from media to activist group, would be on a war footing. However, it was a Democrat that said it and, as such, the racism the left takes so seriously in every other case is now nothing to get excited about.

Enter Freshman Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas who isn’t letting O’Connor off that easy, and introduced a resolution taking aim at the Texas Democrat Party for its “refusal to condemn” O’Connor according to Fox News.

“The Democratic Party of Texas’s refusal to condemn a racist remark by their Lamar County chair and the county party’s refusal to accept his resignation is astounding,” Fallon said. “Had a Republican chair made this remark, Democrats would be in the streets demanding his or her resignation.”

“If the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all,” Fallon added. “They must be held accountable.”

Fallon posted the resolution on his official congressional page. Within it, he puts pressure on Democrats in the House to condemn the words and actions of Democrat politicians and the inaction of the party and notes the Democrat Party’s hypocrisy within it:


Whereas racism is wholly antithetical to the principles of the United States and should not be harbored or defended by any political party, entity, or leader in the United States of America;

Whereas the Texas Democratic Party’s platform claims the party believes in ‘‘freedom . . . from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or any other improper grounds’’;

Whereas the Chairman for the Lamar County Democratic Party of Texas, Gary O’Connor, posted a defamatory and racist remark against Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina on Facebook, in which he referred to the Senator from South Carolina as an ‘‘oreo’’;

Whereas the term ‘‘oreo’’ is a well-documented ethnic slur used against people of color;

Whereas after multiple opportunities and repeated calls to censure or ask O’Connor to resign, the Democratic Party of Texas has refused to discipline O’Connor or revoke his chairmanship; and

Whereas the Democratic Party of Texas has refused to condemn or respond to the racist remark despite numerous opportunities and repeated calls to do so: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) condemns racism in any form;

(2) condemns the racist remarks made by Lamar County Democratic Chairman Gary O’Connor against Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina; and

(3) condemns the Texas Democratic Party’s refusal to condemn the racist remark made by its Lamar County Chair.


One thing that should be noted, and that Fallon is shining a light on, is that Democrats spend a good deal of time and make a great deal of effort making themselves out to be the party of “antiracism” and yet continue to exhibit attitudes and behaviors that are completely antithetical to these values.

One thing that needs to be understood about the Democrat Party is that racism isn’t actually a concern of theirs unless it’s useful as a tool with which to attack their opponents. If the black person in question is Republican or right-leaning in any way, being as racist as you’d like to them is wholly acceptable.

A white woman can literally tell a black man who he can and can’t vote for based on his skin color and the left won’t bat an eye. Leftist show hosts can denigrate black leaders and strip them of their identity because they’re right-leaning and they’ll be applauded for it by fellow leftists. They can throw around phrases like “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom” and find little to no hypocrisy in flinging around slurs meant to insult black people.

For the left, racism is actually a fun pastime. It’s only the worst thing ever when it’s politically convenient for them.

The right should hammer the Democrat Party on this at every turn, and indeed, the entirety of the left should be made to answer for their racism. They should always be made to answer for the fact that they are, in reality, the actual party of racism in America, and until they condemn O’Connor’s words as a party, Republicans should never let up on the pressure.



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