Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Has a Great "I Told You So" Moment as Minneapolis Hits Full Reverse On Defunding the Police

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Has a Great "I Told You So" Moment as Minneapolis Hits Full Reverse On Defunding the Police
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texans that cutting police funding was a bad idea and that it wouldn’t happen. Now as Minneapolis is rounding up millions of dollars to hire officers to help with the increasing crime problem in the city.

According to Fox News, Minneapolis police have hit full reverse on defunding the police after a large chunk of officers left the force following the death of George Floyd. Now it’s gathering over $6 million to hire and recruit officers to take care of the city:

Minneapolis on Friday backtracked on its original push to defund the city’s police department in the wake of George Floyd’s police custody death after residents begged the city to hire more officers, citing longer response times and increased violent crime.

The City Council on Friday voted unanimously to approve $6.4 million in additional funding that police had requested.

The department says it only has 638 officers available to work — roughly 200 fewer than usual. An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Austin approved slashing the city’s police budget last September, but with mounting proof firmly showing that this is a bad idea, Abbott is slamming the breaks. Using Minneapolis as an example, Abbott tweeted out that he’s not allowing that kind of nonsense to occur in his state.

“Looks like defunding police didn’t go well in Minneapolis,” he tweeted. “Now they’re spending $6.4M to recruit more police officers. It won’t go well in Texas either. That’s why I want legislation preventing cities from defunding police.”

According to reformaustin.com, Abbott is looking to take over control of Austin’s police department. The Texas House of parliamentarians have given Abbott a path to do so:

Two former Texas House parliamentarians have given Gov. Greg Abbott a how-to of sorts for a state takeover of the Austin Police Department. In a letter first obtained by the Quorum Report, Terry Keel and Ron Wilson lay out the procedural details of a plan to consolidate Austin P.D. with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“We have been working with other former parliamentarians privately and are convinced that a proper approach is available to permanently and effectively fix the array of continual public safety problems created by Austin’s local government,” Keel and Wilson wrote.

According to the duo, the Texas Constitution and rules of the House and Senate allow for a bill addressing a problem in a specific locality if it is of a subject matter of statewide import and its classification scheme relates to the bill’s purpose. They claim that is exactly the type of situation Austin has handed state leaders. They have even written out the proposed legislation, which they say could serve as a warning to other cities considering following Austin’s actions.

“It is not realistic to expect that Austin’s council during our lifetime will significantly change its anti-police political leanings. The explosion of homelessness, quality of life crimes and spikes in robberies and homicides will continue and worsen for citizens of  Austin and all Texans here in the capital city as long as Austin’s local politicians remain in charge of the police department,” they stated.

“This proposal for the state to takeover the Austin Police Department is one strategy I’m looking at,” he tweeted about the proposal. “We can’t let Austin’s defunding & disrespect for law enforcement to endanger the public & invite chaos like in Portland and Seattle.”


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