Democrats Want the Same Kind of Unity the Borg Do

Isaac Brekken

It’s not entirely clear what the Democrats are trying to pull here but one thing that is very clear is that the call for unity shows us that they think we’re stupid.

As my colleague, Bonchie, highlighted earlier today, Joe Biden called out for a coming together and putting the rhetoric and partisanship aside. This was answered by quite a few people who didn’t say “no,” but instead pointed out that the Democrats aren’t ready for it themselves. This includes Biden himself.

Biden isn’t exactly known for playing nice himself. This includes Biden calling us racists, threatening our gun rights, and calling Trump supporters “chumps.” He also compared Trump to the Nazis.

Meanwhile, his voters are in the streets assaulting anyone who drifts even a little to the right of them. They, like their leader, hurl nasty accusations at them while attempting to cancel them for any misstep. That misstep can take any form and anyone can find themselves punished for one, be they random Americans or even Democrat politicians.

For all the “unity” Biden preaches about, even longstanding Democrat politicians are being punished for being too nice to Republicans. To give you a solid example, California Senator and died in the wool Democrat, Diane Feinstein was just ejected out of her position as top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee for hugging Lindsey Graham.

There was unity and the Democrats weren’t having it.

The “unity” that Democrats are calling for isn’t the dictionary definition of the word. The last thing they want is Democrats moving closer to the center along with Republicans in order to work together with mutual attempts at compromise and understanding.

The kind of “unity” Democrats want is the same kind of unity the Borg from Star Trek were after. They want assimilation and complete obedience. They want hive-mind thinking and unrelenting zealotry by those who adhere to the programming they force on you.

Biden and Democrats are being honest when they say they want unity, it’s just that the unity they want isn’t the kind of unity anybody else wants. Their “coexist” bumper stickers made up of so many different symbols that defined the leftist belief in “peace” has always meant sacrificing the self for the collective.

Looking back over the years when many leftist campaigns calling for tolerance, acceptance, and peace (think the NoH8 campaign), when did you see a Democrat say “I’m going to drop my more extreme beliefs in order to come to the center and break bread?”

You haven’t. Every campaign has had the theme of telling others that they need to drop their beliefs in order to better serve the purposes of the left.

The answer coming from Republicans is wise. It’s not smart to unite with anyone whose idea of coming together is pure domination and elimination of the dominated group’s ideas and values. Now we enter the era of real resistance. Where the left’s idea of “resistance” was just resisting anything Trump did or said, the right’s idea of “resistance” is firmly planting our feet and making it known that we’re not just going to shut up and let America go to the extremists that have infected the Democrat party.

Rest assured, leftist extremism is what we’re in for and it’s not something you’re going to find Americans uniting with, even those who consider themselves on the left. There can be no unity with that kind of evil by anyone with half a Jiminy Cricket.

Americans won’t consent to be another mindless drone in the left’s army of mindless drones. We are, by our very nature, a rebellious bunch. It’s in our blood, and the more the left tightens their grip around us the more we’re going to slide through their fingers.

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