Gina Carano Was Right and Her Being Silenced After Her Message Is Worrisome

Gero Breloer

Former Mandalorian Star Gina Carano was a much-loved actress for many reasons and while her on-screen portrayal as Cara Dune won the hearts of a myriad of people, it was her off-screen persona that really made people fall in love with her.

Carano’s social media presence primarily consisted of a handful of things. The first was kindness, thankfulness, and giving credit to her fellow cast and crew of the projects she worked on. The next was Carano’s insistence that everyone should be kind and good to one another regardless of where they stand on matters either socially or politically. The third was pointing out the absurdity of various political opinions that drifted into the anti-individualistic or pro-censorship territory.

These are positions and beliefs that any free-thinking person should be able to get behind, but it naturally upset quite a few people who embraced the idea of cancel culture, censorship, and social justice. Carano did, after all, incur the wrath of the social justice left when she refused to put pronouns in her Twitter bio. The quest for her cancelation started then and there.

The tenacity of the cancel culture mob is only rivaled by the cowardice of modern-day corporate America. Once the woke left decided it was time for Carano’s career to end, it was only a matter of time before they got what they wanted. As I wrote about earlier on Thursday, Carano posted a picture on Instagram that told the story of the Jewish people in early-day Nazi Germany.

The Nazis worked to dehumanize the Jewish people in Germany and succeeded. As Carano pointed out, the neighbors of Jewish people would assault them both verbally and physically in the streets and that it was so easy for the Nazis to round up the Jewish population of Germany because their own neighbors would turn them in. Carano’s post ended with a simple question.

“How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

This was what she was jumped by the cancel culture mob over. This is what Disney/LucasFilm described as “abhorrent.”

As myself and my colleagues have pointed out throughout the day, the left absolutely loves to compare the right to Nazis and use the symbolism of the era in their points and arguments all the time. Fellow Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal even used the same symbolism to compare Trump’s supposed “kid’s in cages” to Jews in Nazi concentration camps back in 2018.

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The main difference between Carano’s post and Pascal’s post is that Carano’s was right.

Mocking Carano for comparing people on the right to Jewish people in Nazi Germany may seem easy but what Carano was doing was issuing a warning to our society that dehumanization of a people leads down a very bloody and atrocious path. It begins by making them seem at fault for almost every problem the country is experiencing (which the left is doing to the right) then proceeding to make them all seem very dangerous (which the left is doing to the right), making them seem like monsters worthy only of derision (which the left is doing to the right) and painting them as the epitome of evil and the opposite of all that is good.

While both sides are guilty of lobbing attacks at one another, the left has taken it into a whole new territory. Right-leaning ideas, no matter how credible, are viewed as dangerous or evil and conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans are censored by social media companies, denounced and mocked by mainstream news outlets, and canceled by activist-led mobs.

Speaking up and speaking out is a scary thing to do for many Americans for fear that doing so will just make them a target. One false move could see you fired from your job, arrested, or in extreme cases, the mob may very well show up at your door.

Social justice is an ideological stance that requires very shallow thinking, hatred of the “others,” and complete compliance with the ever-shifting narrative. Anything less will result in consequences. It feels no sympathy, it makes time for no nuance. It is pure hatred, intolerance, and ignorance wrapped into an easy to digest ideology.

That kind of ideological blue pill is the same kind of attitude we saw in Nazi Germany then, and we’re seeing a lot of that now. Cancelations, calls for lists to be made, political-ideological stances to be wiped out, violence, intimidation, and censorship are running rampant today from the left just like it did from the Nazis then. It’s the same beast, it just carries a different name.

Carano was right. While libertarians and conservatives aren’t being ushered onto trains and taken to concentration camps, we are seeing the beginning stages of what leads to that.

What should worry you is that Carano was silenced for exposing that truth.


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