SJWs Thought They Had Chris Pratt Canceled but Only Revealed Their Own Gullibility

Once every few months, Twitter leftists attempt to campaign for the cancellation of Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt. Their only reason being is that he’s an open Christian in Hollywood who has also exhibited a patriotic love of America. As we all know, these two things are wholly unforgivable to the bigoted social justice community, and as such, he must be removed from a position of influence.


The left finally thought they had him as what seemed like old tweets from Pratt began to surface and be strewn around the internet.

These tweets that were dug up all seem to revolve around him saying racist things like using the “n-word” or commenting about how Muslims scare him. Here is a sample of some of the tweets below.


SJWs finally thought they had their smoking gun, but what they really had was a prime example of their own gullibility. No one could find these tweets or any evidence that they existed. It’s highly likely — to the point of certainty — that they were made up by leftists who wanted to make their fantasies substantial. Leftists are so ready to hate Pratt for anything he does that they immediately took the tweets as real and began circulating them around.

So really, the hateful and bigoted parts of the hard-left have only really showcased their own stupidity and readiness to be duped into believing anything.

This entire thing resulted in another attempt to get Pratt dropped from Disney/Marvel as the beloved character Peter Quill/Star Lord, and replaced with someone a bit more leftist like Pedro Pascal, who has openly expressed his leftist viewpoint on Twitter.


Pratt’s fellow Marvel stars have come out to defend Pratt multiple times in the past, all of whom testify that Pratt is one of the best people among them. Those who have defended him have, in turn, received the wrath of the Twitter-cancel mob, including Guardians co-star Zoe Saldana who was called the racial slur “coon” for her defense of Pratt.

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Try as they might, it’s not likely that Pratt is going anywhere. Despite the outrage mob on Twitter being very loud, they’re not many and they don’t speak for the rest of the world who loves Pratt. In fact, Pratt is about to star in “Thor: Love and Thunder” which is going to be something of a Thor/Guardians crossover.


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