(UPDATED) A Terminated Pipeline Worker Breaking Down Is the Face Joe Biden Refuses to Look At

image taken from video embedded in article

Author’s note: It was later revealed that this man was not a pipeline worker, but a friend of two pipeline workers who asked him to do this video according to a tweet the man in the video, Henry Davis, later released.


We regret the error.

The original text of the article remains below.


The left can try to write off the thousands of jobs lost at the stroke of a pen all they want, but the truth of the matter is that these are very real people with very real lives that they need very real money to support.

President Joe Biden terminated the jobs of thousands of workers when he canceled the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. With one signature, he sent a host of Americans home with nothing but mounting debt and a struggle to find a job as quickly as possible.

The Biden administration’s reaction to this was just to say that there will be opportunities in the future with green energy jobs that will somehow be opened up in the future. No guarantees made. Transportation Pete Buttigieg smiled at Texas Senator Ted Cruz as he spoke in generalities about the future of these workers, not making any real declarative statements.


Biden, when asked about it, simply walks away.

(Watch: Biden Walks Away When Asked About the Sacrifices He’s Forcing On Americans)

They hardly want to talk about the people they’ve just thrown out into the cold, but these people are real. They have a face, needs, hopes, sorrows, and families. More than that, they have bills to pay and livelihoods to maintain.

One viral video shows a heartbroken man letting everyone know that he had just been terminated from his job. He begins listing off the things he still has to pay for and then breaks down in both anger and sorrow, screaming the question of how Biden can just do this to him with nothing but a pen stroke.

This is the face of a shattered life that Biden and his administration refuse to look at or acknowledge. This is who he hurt. Real people.

As one terminated Keystone Pipeline worker said, this isn’t just a simple job, it’s a career. People spend a long time learning to do these jobs and then they’re suddenly taken away thanks to nothing more than political expediency and showmanship.


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I hope this man’s face and the video he made appear everywhere. The Biden administration should be forced to look this man in the eye, even if it has to be done through a screen. I hope they see him whenever they open up their social media accounts, browser windows, and television screens.


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