Watch: Biden Walks Away When Asked About the Sacrifices He's Forcing On Americans

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden came into office signing a lot of executive orders on day one, one of which involved killing off construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, immediately killing thousands of jobs.


What does Biden have to say about it?

As he’s shown us, he’s not going to explain himself but what he will do is give you a cold shoulder as he walks away.

Watch this clip taken from the Washington Post and posted by the GOP War Room’s YouTube account, where Biden is clearly asked about the sacrifices he’s asking Americans to make, and he clearly doesn’t bother to answer, and instead, retreating out of the room while putting on his mask.

“Sir, what sacrifices are you asking Americans to make?” asked the reporter very clearly as an aid thanks reporters in an effort to cut them off.

While Biden may be resorting to silence when asked the hard questions, recently terminated Keystone XL Pipeline workers are speaking out.

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“Just like the rest of the country, COVID hurt us bad. We had a lot of projects canceled,” Pipeline worker Neal Crabtree told Fox News. “We’ve got guys that haven’t worked in months, and in some cases years, and to have a project of this magnitude canceled, it’s going to hurt a lot of people, a lot of families, a lot of communities.”


Crabtree made it clear that what Biden has done wasn’t just the termination of a temporary job.

“I don’t consider this a job, I consider it a career,” he said. “You spend a lifetime fine-tuning your skills and if you go start another job you’re starting at the bottom. I doubt that these politicians would like it if someone told them to go start over and find a different job.”

Democrats hailed the cessation of the Keystone XL Pipeline’s construction as a victory for the environment, but according to research, they’ve only enabled further damage to it by increasing the amount of carbon emissions being spewed into the air by the transportation of Canadian oil down into Texas via trucks.

So it seems Biden isn’t overly concerned about the environment or the people whose jobs he just terminated with the stroke of a pen, indicating the move more for the purposes of political posturing than anything else.


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