Ben Shapiro Sends Whiney Politico Staff to the Burn Ward After They Lose It Over His Column On Their Site

(Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP, Pool)

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro didn’t mince words when addressing the anger surrounding a piece published by him at the Politico website when mass complaints from Politico staff began rolling in once his column was published on their site.

As detailed by the Daily Wire, over 100 Politico journalists signed their name to a letter to Robert Allbritton, the site’s publisher, demanding that the newsroom goes through some changes to staff diversity and its editorial process after Shapiro’s column was published.

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After Shapiro’s column was published, indicating that the left wants to lump everyone on the right in with the rioters at the Capitol on January 6, Politico Editor-in-Chief Matthew Kaminski held a 200 staff member call where he defended his position to publish Shapiro’s piece. According to Kaminski, the editorial team was attempting to keep the site “vital and vibrant” by adding ideological diversity in the form of Shapiro’s column.

Kaminski’s appeal to staffers apparently didn’t work according to the Daily Wire:

The letter’s signees were evidently unpersuaded by Kaminski’s arguments, and they went over his head to write a letter to Allbritton complaining of the entire affair and demanding an apology as well as changes to newsroom structure and operations. The letter also demanded an editor’s note be tacked onto Shapiro’s edition of Playbook.

Shapiro explained the whole affair during his podcast “The Ben Shapiro Show”:

“I wrote the Playbook because they wanted somebody on the right. So I wrote the Playbook and the basic point I made in Politico’s Playbook was the entire goal of the left seems to be to lump in everybody on the right with the Capitol rioters so they can then say everyone on the right is dangerous and then ban them. That was my entire point. That was the entire piece,” Shapiro said. “People at Politico went nuts. They had a staff phone call with 225 members of the staff, most of them from the newsroom because these are newsmakers.”

“They got very angry and they shouted at the editors, but that didn’t work because the editors were like, ‘You know, we are going to have a lot of different people from a lot of different sides of the political aisle, and you citing bad, old tweets from 2012 that Shapiro has already explained multiple times, that’s not going to do it,’” Shapiro explained. “So what did they do? One hundred staffers decided to go over the heads of the editors and directly to the publisher of Politico and whine about this. Amazing, amazing people.”

Shapiro made it clear that the “outrage” from Politico staff wasn’t really about him, but more about stifling any conservative viewpoint from reaching mainstream audiences:

“One day! I wrote a piece for Politico – a piece – and 100 people at Politico were like, ‘How dare you.’ Now listen, they can’t cancel me over at Politico. I don’t work for Politico. I don’t care. I didn’t write for Politico because I needed Politico’s money. And so they can’t cancel me, that’s not what this is about,” Shapiro said. “What this is about is pressuring editors into never having anybody who is remotely right-wing write for their publications. That is what this is truly about.”

Shapiro also added that when Politico staffers lost their minds because opinions that differed from theirs were introduced to the site, conservative writers Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, who were to also add a piece to the site, were subsequently canceled and told the editing staff had accidentally “overbooked.”

“Message received,” Shapiro said. “Conservatives are pre-emptively canceled. Homogeneity maintained. Polarization increased. Well done, wokescolds! The world is still safe from the predations of dangerous thinkers like Guy and MKH – and anyone on the right.”

Politico staffers wrote in their letter to Allbritton that they were “demoralized” by Shapiro’s opinions at their site, and Shapiro mocked them to shreds over it.

“Awe, it demoralized you? That’s sad, what happened? What happened, you couldn’t report on how wonderful Joe Biden’s dog is today because you were so depressed that I wrote a piece for you two weeks ago?” Shapiro said.

“You fragile little babies,” he continued. “Seriously. My goodness. ‘I’m so demoralized. Oh my god, every time I start to write, every time I start to do my job, I think of the fact that Shapiro’s name appeared in Politico and I can’t. I need the wah-mbulance.’”

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