The Elitist Hold on Hollywood Continues to Degrade as More Celebrities Denounce Leftist Condescension

The Elitist Hold on Hollywood Continues to Degrade as More Celebrities Denounce Leftist Condescension
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Not long ago, I wrote an article about a sense I was getting that Hollywood was beginning to see a turning of the tide in terms of how it views its place in our society. Its elitism had gotten to the point of being unbearable, even to Hollywood residents.

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This was made clear first by the Golden Globes speech given by comedian Ricky Gervais who eviscerated the celebrity tendency to use their moment of glory as a way to preach to the people, a thing that is not their place to do given their colossal ignorance about everyday Americans.

At first, it was just outright unapologetic counter-culture living, such as Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey’s open love of God and patriotism. Soon, others began openly rubbing the status quo raw such as The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano. Others began to join in such as television show writer Whitney Cummings who questioned Hollywood’s propensity to write off anyone who remotely questions whatever is popular in mainstream thought.

Matthew McConaughey, who I’m pretty sure is going to run for office in Texas in the near future, openly slammed the “illiberal left” for their condescension toward right-leaning America. Actress Rose McGowan backed McConaughey up, declaring Hollywood has been condescending and elitist.

Kevin Sorbo, an openly right-leaning actor who has appeared in Christian films like “God’s Not Dead,” also jumped to McConaughey’s defense during an appearance on Fox News:

“You see it happen all the time,” Sorbo said. “The Hypocrisy seems to be ruling everybody right now. You mention Matthew McConaughey and his little podcast with… Russell Brand. I’ve got to give him some kudos on that because I thought that was pretty cool. At least they looked like they’re trying to reach across the aisle and have a civil discussion about this.”

The revolution of thought that is taking place in Hollywood is still rather small, but it would appear that the fraying ends are beginning to unravel the whole cloth. Hollywood is clearly dying, and not just because of the virus. Even before COVID-19 hit the scene, Hollywood was beginning to see a bit of a drop off in interest.

The preachiness from celebrities was only getting rolls from the eyeballs they wanted to attract. Movies became too formulaic with messaging only leaning one way with a few exceptions. Movies meant to entertain came loaded with political messaging that could be used to cause division among critics and audiences if it wasn’t well received.

It seems McConaughey’s scolding of Hollywood is the rocks that start the avalanche as more actors come out and call out the industry they work in and the culture they live in.

I encourage more Hollywood voices to step forward and back him up. It’s time for a Hollywood renaissance. A leaving behind of the old way from a dark age of Hollywood and into something more enlightened.

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