The Turning of the Hollywood Tide

Dave Allocca

Maybe it’s my unrelenting optimism, but I keep seeing something of a rebellion in Hollywood. Between Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey, we have men standing up and saying that like it or not, God is here, and He’s not going away. We’ve got actresses like Gina Carano putting their individuality on display and refusing to cave to anyone demanding she thinks differently.

Now on top of that, we have Whitney Cummings.

Cummings is a writer responsible for shows like the Roseanne reboot (before Roseanne Barr was canceled) and “Two Broke Girls,” which had a six-year run.

Don’t get it twisted. Cummings isn’t a Trump supporter, but that hasn’t stopped her from having some form of common sense. As reported by the Daily Wire, Cummings recently put herself out there and said that when it comes to Trump supporters, Hollywood’s constant malignment of them is wrong:

“I’m fascinated by playing devil’s advocate and want to understand the people I disagree with. I don’t want to dismiss and malign,” she said.

“I think it’s very self-righteous or sanctimonious to just dismiss people we disagree with without trying to understand why they believe what they believe,” she added. “I don’t get it. I grew up in Washington, D.C., mostly, but also in Virginia and West Virginia, so I grew up seeing both sides, and people believing different things. Even though I don’t agree with somebody, I don’t think they’re dumb.”

Cummings expressed dismay that Hollywood writers dismiss people so casually, arguing that they above all else must have empathy for people.

“It’s so weird to me in Hollywood where writers are like, ‘F— the right!’ You’re a writer! You’re supposed to want to empathize with characters you don’t necessarily agree with because you have to write them,” she said. “I just try to take the judgment out of it, and the emotion out of it.”

This shouldn’t be that difficult to agree with, but at this time in our history, what Cummings is saying is like saying people should show compassion for the Nazi party, according to many on the Left. The extremist takes on who someone is based on who they voted for are so in vogue that you seem foolish if you don’t resort to absolutism. At best, you’re an enabler of great evils.

It’s a really stupid way of looking at things, but it’s the world we live in.

What’s fascinating is that Cummings would say such a thing knowing full well what age we live in. She said having far more interaction with the coastal ideologies and mentalities and recognizing the dangers of saying something like, “Hey, maybe Trump supporters aren’t actually bad.”

Something tells me that there’s something brewing in Hollywood under the surface. That people have begun tiring of the despotic atmosphere that demands you think a certain way, say certain things, and give differing ideas no quarter whatsoever. It’s an oppressive atmosphere that doesn’t allow for the exploration of ideas, and Hollywood is a place where exploring ideas may lead to breakout films.

I can’t say for sure if a Hollywood renaissance is on the way, but great things are often forged in horrible circumstances. You can’t get a knife without first tossing metal into a very hot fire and then beating it with a hammer until you get what you want.

Hollywood has been incredibly nasty when it comes to anything outside their bubble for a long time, but it would now appear that many actors, actresses, producers, and writers have had it and have begun speaking out and offering up taboo ideas.

It’s brave, it’ll likely result in a lot of trouble, but it’s necessary. The more Carano’s, Pratt’s, and Cummings’ we have, the faster we can eliminate this domination of the most highlighted stage in America, and the faster leftist narratives can stop being the only thing our civilization sees.


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