They're Trying Too Hard to Make Men Being Feminine Normal and It Will Never Work

(Skip Ranck/Courtesy of Atticus Rank via AP)

Things are getting way too try-hard by the mainstream culture when it comes to trying to convince men to dress up as women.

It was kind of a novelty attention grabber when Billy Porter showed up wearing dresses to award shows. It got a bit on the ridiculous side when Pharrell showed up on the cover of GQ promoting a “new masculinity,” but now we’ve got Harry Styles trying to do the same thing and they are pushing so…damn…hard to make it seem like what he’s doing is somehow amazing and groundbreaking.


First off, men dressing up as women isn’t groundbreaking or incredible. Monty Python was doing it a long time ago and for comedic effect. Do you know why it worked? Because men dressing up as women look silly and it was fun to laugh at it.

Nowadays we’re supposed to believe it’s what we do now to be normal.

The mainstream culture wants us very badly to be a Monty Python sketch.

This is the same mainstream culture that wants us to celebrate Juno wanting us to call her Elliot and “he,” because screw biology. If you look past the glitz, glamor, and hashtags, you’ll find that there’s a force here attempting to blur the lines between genders so that the “it’s fluid” narrative reigns supreme.

My only question is, how do they plan to get around biology and the natural urges that come with it?

It’s easy for women to applaud Harry Styles in his powder-blue women’s outfit that makes him look more like a resident from The Capitol in the Hunger Games. Styles is rich, famous, and I’m told he sang some songs to teenagers at one point and gave these gals a false sense of romance.


If Styles walked down the street in a banana costume and passed it off as real fashion, women would be lining up around the block to be bedded by him. It doesn’t matter what he wears, he’s rich and famous.

But let’s take Styles out of it for a moment. Let’s just say it was an average rando putting on women’s clothing and walking around downtown trolling for strange. He’s not rich, he’s not famous, he’s just a dude wearing a Hillary Clinton-esque pantsuit. Next to him is a guy wearing normal men’s clothing.

Both of them start chatting to the ladies in an attempt to get them into a more amorous mood.

Who do you think the women are going to go with more? The guy wearing women’s clothing or the guy dressing in a more masculine fashion?

The answer is simple. Women are naturally going to be attracted to the more masculine guy because the more masculine guy has the biological advantage in the mating world. He looks like he can handle himself more than the guy wearing heels and is more likely to be taken seriously resulting in better monetary situations. This means a better quality of life for the female.

The guy wearing the dress might be a fun side-show and women may want to approach to ask him about it, but other than curiosity, the vast majority of women aren’t going to want to enter a sexual relationship with him.

If those who drive mainstream culture are hoping men will jump on this “dressing as women” and “redefining masculinity” trip then I’ve got sour news for them. It’s not going to happen because women won’t let it. Sure, they may cheer Styles and Pharrell on but do you think they’d be good with their man dressing like them? The answer is no.


Men want to get laid and in order to do that, they have to attract women. Women naturally like masculinity. They can’t help it. It’s a deep biological pull. Ergo, if wearing masculine clothing raises their chances of getting laid then that’s what men will do.

So they can stop trying so hard. It’s not going to work. Biology will always defeat the culture. One is constant and hardwired, the other is changeable and always kind of stupid.



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