GQ Magazine's "New Masculinity" Issue Overtly Celebrates the Feminization of Men

One of the largest projects being undertaken by the regressive left is the elimination of men. Within the mainstream media, many things are constantly promoted to make true masculinity seem either dangerous and overreaching or silly and worth making fun of.


One of the things we constantly hear from those in the mainstream spotlight is how we should define masculinity. Lately, the definition has landed somewhere between wearing a dress in public and just ditching being a man altogether to embrace transgenderism.

GQ teamed up with pop-star Pharrell to push both. The theme of the interview was to essentially denounce what we consider actual masculinity and embrace something more gender-fluid and patriarchal. The entire interview is filled with what looks like new-age nonsense mixed with a dose of Christianity to try to make it seem palatable for the average American. However, any Christian who realizes they’re in the world and not of it will quickly see through the facade, especially when Pharrell promotes abortion as “women’s reproductive rights.”

In one moment, Pharrell even makes the concept of masculinity a racist and sexist one, and making it sound like the territory of old white men:

I think the truest definition of masculinity is the essence of you that understands and respects that which isn’t masculine. If you ask me, when we talk about masculinity, it’s also very racial, this conversation. Because the dominant force on this planet right now is the older straight white male. And there’s a particular portion of them that senses a tanning effect. They sense a feminizing effect. They sense a nonbinary effect when it comes to gender.

And it’s a fearful thing. You know, America was “created by our Founding Fathers”—not our Founding Mothers or our Founding Mother and Father. Right? So this conversation leads to side effects, like using religion as a weapon to justify [an attack on] women’s reproductive rights. Insane, insane things. And I’m like, What are you afraid of? We’re living in the middle of the kicking and screaming. I don’t wanna go too controversial, but man, I just read the Declaration of Independence the other day and my jaw dropped. Referring to the Native Americans as merciless savages—that’s in the Declaration of Independence, bro. It’s in there. Referring to men, they use the term “mankind.” Well, what about the women? And they talk about the transgressions of the king at the time, and they made reference to how he tried to stop their foreign trade. It kind of felt like now. I don’t know the last time you read it, but it’s really wild, bro. I read it on NPR.


This kind of anti-male vibe is sprinkled throughout the article, and what’s more, Pharrell makes it a point to drive the anti-masculinity narrative home by embracing women’s clothing, which he models in the GQ photoshoot. One of these is essentially a dress made out of a sleeping bag.

They included a behind the scenes photoshoot to view in a video as well.

I’ll spare you the rest, and if you want to go read the article yourself, you can by following the link here.

The idea that masculinity must be redefined is an idea that has been floated around within the hard-left for decades now, and after decades of chipping away at men, we’ve finally arrived to the point where men’s magazines are essentially promoting the idea of ditching masculinity altogether.

Words mean things and no matter how hard you try, you cannot redefine masculinity any more than you can be a different gender just by identifying yourself differently. Masculinity is a part of nature, not a cultural creation, and can’t be eliminated with gender studies courses, political activism, and eyeroll-worthy GQ photoshoots.


When all is said and done, this is really just a fantasy project by the hard-left.

How can we know this for sure? Because it’s not femininity that’s been keeping the literal and proverbial wolves in the hills for thousands of years. When evil begins carrying out its purposes, it’s not people like Pharrell showing up in dresses that put it down. It’s not the “new masculinity” that’s going to charge into battle to protect those it loves at the risk of its own life.

Pharrell and GQ’s project is merely just an example of what happens when those in the first world are so well protected by those who are masculine that they forget that they live in a world where masculine people died, sometimes brutally, to give them that level of comfort and safety. They’re lulled into a cozy sense of safety and materialistic spiritualism.



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