Can the Polling Industry Be Rebuilt?

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Probably not.

I know I’m usually supposed to save that conclusion for the end, but the polling industry is going to be screwed for the foreseeable future and I want to spend more time on why that is than building up to the answer.

When not getting stress headaches over the constantly shifting numbers in a tight race and watching as very obvious fraud happens right in front of us, Americans are dedicating a small amount of time to bashing the polling industry which, as you may have guessed by now, has gotten everything so monumentally wrong.

Except for Scott Hounsell.

They predicted a blue wave that would wash over America and take out anything that even had a whiff of President Donald Trump’s musk on it. The Republican party would find itself powerless as it lost a multitude of seats in the House and Senate, and the White House would finally be cleansed of the foul spirits that haunted it.

It was a pleasant fantasy they told themselves. Fast forward to reality and they’re currently having to mysteriously and miraculously find votes to help Biden topple Trump as Republicans gain seats in the House. This won’t end at the ballot box. At this rate, it will end in courtrooms, but I digress. It wasn’t supposed to be that way according to the pollsters.

The first thing is to try to find out why they failed so epically.

I’m no polling expert myself, but I think the answer is far more simple than we think. It has to do more with our culture and current level of technology than anything else.

The truth is, we live smack dab in the middle of one of the worst cultural trends we’ve seen in modern times. Cancel culture has dominated America. In its wake lie the destroyed careers and lives of thousands of innocent people, some of which have even resulted in suicides. Entire businesses have fallen because of it. Bosses will fire employees simply to avoid getting wrapped up in cancel culture before anything even happens.

For a while now, America has been at the mercy of the social justice advocates who primarily make up the bulk of cancel culture. If they’re displeased, you can expect them to do anything from mob you on Twitter to show up at your door.

Supporting Trump has been one of those things that displease them greatly. If anyone gets an inkling of a feeling you support Trump you may find yourself blacklisted, rejected, or made into a public pariah in your community. For many Americans, their support for Trump was kept on the DL.

And that brings us to the shy vote, and what I can only imagine was the bane of the pollster’s existence.

The shy vote was first noticed during the 2016 election when supporting Trump was overtly taboo then. These were voters that would hide their support at all costs from those asking, including pollsters, in order to protect themselves and avoid trouble.

Most importantly, research showed that the shy vote was Republican-leaning by 3-1.

Again, that was back in 2016 and the vitriol, hatred, and extremism have been turned up to 11 since then, likely driving even more people into silence or into outright lying about who they support. Come election day, votes for Trump and Republican candidates are stonewalling Democrat attempts to take over the United States, even with strong evidence of foul play on the Democrat’s part.

Pollsters can’t compile info from thin air. They can only use what they’re given and if they’re given false information then they’re going to pump out false information.

If pollsters want to have any chance of getting it right then they’ll have to wait until our current embrace of cancel culture either blows over or gets squashed. They’re at the mercy of a culture that would rather keep its cards as close to its chest as humanly possible and bluff if need be.

If anything, pollsters should find their careers a joke right now because of the left’s embrace of extremism. If they have any qualms, they shouldn’t have them with Americans who held back info. Blame the bad soil, not the bad fruit.


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