The "Shy" Vote: Democrats Are Creating a Larger Trump Voter Base According to a New Poll

A voter fills out a ballot at a polling place at Lake Shore Elementary School, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Pasadena, Md. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Democrats are arranging their own loss.

You’ve heard of the silent majority. It’s a very real body of voters that goes to work, raises their children, lives their everyday lives, and keeps to themselves. They don’t really speak out much but when it comes time to vote they’re heard loud and clear.

Most of these people vote Republican, and in the last presidential election, they spoke very, very loudly.

Research has shown us that this silent majority may have its own little sub-group called the “shy voter.” According to The Hill, it’s unusually quiet. Members of this sub-group don’t share their opinion at any time anywhere, oftentimes out of fear that if they do, they’ll face a load of trouble from an intolerant and emotionally driven opposition.

According to The Hill, CloudResearch took a poll and found some very interesting things about this “shy voter.” Like the silent majority, it’s a huge group of people, and also like the silent majority, it’s primarily looking to vote for Trump in the coming election:

To test this theory, CloudResearch recently sampled American voters in search of what they term “shy voters.” Their results show that Trump supporters were “significantly more reluctant to share their opinions on phone surveys compared to Biden supporters.” Almost 12 percent of Republicans and nearly 11 percent of Independents, were also almost twice as likely to be reticent than Democrats (about 5 percent).

These seemingly small percentages could have major November implications. For illustration of roughly how big, look at 2016 exit polling.

In the last presidential election, 36 percent of voters were Democrats, while 33 percent were Republicans and 31 percent were Independents. Applying CloudResearch’s “shy voter” percentages to each group yields 9 percent of the electorate as not giving their true candidate preferences.

However, those roughly one in 11 reticent voters are not, as CloudResearch discovered, evenly distributed between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Instead, they run about 2-to-1 in Trump’s favor. On the net, they come out to around a 3 percent hidden “Trump bump.”

In other words, there are Trump voters that aren’t just saying they’re Trump voters, they may actually even be lying about who they voted for out of fear. The numbers that pump up the Democrats on exit polling may be off by a little, but the polling numbers on who is voting Republican is off by a lot.

As The Hill notes, a three percent bump may not sound like a lot but three percent is a huge deal in a race that is allegedly as tight as the one between Trump and Biden.

One thing to consider, however, is that the left in this election is far more rabid than the left in the last election. Today, we have cancel culture, Antifa, and Trump supporters literally being executed in the streets. The “shy voter” population may be shyer than ever, so that number may be even higher.

The Hill acknowledges this, stating that Trump supporters have been villainized by the left, making the left’s problem of acquiring voters that much harder:

Democrats could find themselves, again, failing to target the voters they need to shore up. This time it could be more than just blue states they miss, but blue constituencies. The key is that Biden’s campaign cannot know where hidden Trump supporters are.

To top it off, the hidden Trump supporter problem could grow for the left. The left’s violent outbursts are getting worse, or at least less ignorable. The left clearly seems intent in going in that direction or unable to stop it. As incidents get worse, more coverage, or both, they could drive even more Trump supporters underground.

The left is proving itself to be its own worst enemy just like it did in 2016. It pushes itself too fiercely on the American people like a jealous girl on a man who clearly doesn’t want her. Instead of taking the hint and toning it down, they up the chaos, the outrage, and the possessiveness. Just like in 2016, America will do what it can to avoid its crazy ex.

Trump isn’t guaranteed victory at all here, but one thing is for sure, the Democrats are going to have a hill to climb, and they only have themselves to blame.

(The Silenced Majority: Striking Number of Americans Afraid to Speak out About Their Political Opinions)

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