The Military Is Utilizing Twitch for Recruitment Purposes and the Left Is Really Upset About It

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It was just last week that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitch to convince people to vote for Democrats accompanied by some of Twitch’s top streamers. The stream itself garnered over 400,000 viewers on AOC’s channel alone.

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AOC isn’t the only government official on Twitch. Our military is there too and they often stream games for recruitment purposes. It’s not a horrible idea. A lot of young people are on Twitch and if you’re a recruiter who wants access to a large demographic of young people interested in military things, then Twitch is the place to be.

AOC isn’t exactly pleased with that. It appears she wants to be the only recruiter from the government on Twitch, and has been trying to get the military off of Twitch for some time. She presented an amendment to H.R. 7617 which is a bill for “making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021, and for other purposes.” This amendment would prohibit “the use of funds for military recruitment via Twitch and e-sports activities.”

It’s an amendment that failed to pass and the military’s Twitch accounts will remain on the site for the foreseeable future.

That doesn’t mean that they’re free of leftist nonsense. Now, these channels are under constant attack on two fronts.

Firstly is the media front. With the American military winning yet another battle, the left is going to try to make it look as evil as possible. One such outlet is Kotaku, where writer Ian Walker accused the U.S. Navy of being “whiny cowards,” which is pretty rich coming from a Kotaku writer.

Walker was covering training materials given to US Navy personnel who stream on Twitch on behalf of the Navy. Since the Navy has earned the ire of the social justice left, and spurred on by the fact that AOC failed to pass a resolution banning them from the platform, it naturally comes under attack a lot during streams.

The chat is flooded with leftists consistently bringing up “war crimes” and trolling players nonstop. As such, the military has given its players guides on how to deal with it.

“Yep, folks oppose the military in the same nonchalant way they dislike pistachio ice cream or prefer blue over red,” wrote Walker. “It’s not that our taxes are disproportionately given to an organization that murders and rapes its way through sovereign nations in our names. Just a simple difference of opinion.”

He continues spilling salt over the military with all the edge of a high school “intellectual” blasting rage against the machine as he smokes cigarettes in the high school parking:

Despite the attempts of politicians like congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to keep the United States military from recruiting on Twitch, it seems like channels from the Army and Navy are here to stay. And as with every carefully planned marketing strategy, it’s obvious these organizations are going to want their propagandists to stay on message rather than dispute viewers. It’s almost as if there’s no arguing that our armed forces are a force for evil in this world. It’s almost as if there’s no defense for their presence on Twitch.

It’s almost as if they plan to continue committing war crimes in perpetuity, hoping that a few streamers shouting, “Poggers!” as they mow down virtual insurgents in Call of Duty can continue to provide grist for the meat grinder.

It’s not just the media that’s trying to make the military’s time on Twitch a miserable experience. The aforementioned trolls that slander the military in their own chat isn’t just popping in and out. These people dedicate a lot of their time to suggesting the military, and the men and women who serve in it, are the epitome of evil.

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson, popular for handing out good reviews for games in exchange for sexual relationships, wrote a puff piece on these dedicated trolls. In it, he described the actions of brave souls like “Sam” who troll military men and women from the safety of their homes do in order to harm military efforts:

If you join either of their respective Twitch chats these days, you’ll find Sam and other people like him equally hunkered down. As members of the military play games in one window, these viewers overwhelm the adjacent chat feeds with questions and facts about war crimes, commentary about propaganda directed at children, information about PTSD and other hardships faced by veterans, and a whole lot of memes (some choice memes: the phrase “World of War Crimes,” asking if a streamer is going to play the new Call of Duty because it will likely contain many war crimes, lengthy processions of emotes alluding to war crimes, etc). These viewers show up day in and day out, and many stick around for the full duration of multi-hour streams nearly every evening. At this point, they do not believe they can force the Army and Navy to pack up and leave, but they do hope they can blunt the sharpest edges of their efforts.

According to Grayson, Sam said it was AOC who motivated him to begin trolling our military men and women.

“The failure of AOC’s bill is what inspired me to take part,” said Sam according to Grayson. “I don’t want some kid buying something falsely advertised to them like I almost did. As for what I want to accomplish, I can’t stop whatever military branch from streaming. But as corny or played-out as it sounds, if I can change one person’s mind about joining, if I can get them to do some research of their own, I’d consider my time spent a success.”

Grayson goes on to note that these trolls congregate on Discord channels and then make their way to the Army and Navy’s streams.

It’s kind of rich that people whose entire job it is to push one of the worst ideological philosophies on the planet to the gaming community is accusing the military of being evil. While every institution has had its bad apples and mistakes, the idea that our military is the gathering place of the worst America has to offer is spitting in the face of selfless people who literally put on uniforms and wield weapons to keep us safe.

If we had no military it wouldn’t take long for our enemies to overrun and defeat us. While shortsighted try-hards like Grayson and Walker may not understand that military recruitment is necessary, they may also forget it’s a choice. No one is required to do it, but if a case is made that makes people think it’s the right career path for them, then they should be free to be heard out.

The left can pretend it’s “protecting children” from the dishonesty of the Army or Navy all day, but if we’re being real, that’s not their purpose for doing this at all. They, like most on the hard-left, are merely drones who have been served one side of the story and told not to listen to any others. They don’t look into what it is to be a soldier or the brotherhood that results from it. More men and women are proud of their military service than regret it by a large margin.

The hard-left wouldn’t understand that because the most meaningful thing in their life is criticizing the meaningful things in other’s lives.

It’s a sad existence.