'Social Distancing' Is Just a Politically Correct Way of Saying 'Isolation'

(Melissa Sue Gerrits/The Fayetteville Observer via AP)

I’m sick of hearing the word “social distancing.” I’m so tired of hearing it being urged on television, radio, internet streams, and read in articles that when the phrase appears, I’m instantly having to fight off a bad mood. I hate this phrase more than I hated hearing the word “historic” thrown around every five seconds during the Obama administration.

I think one of the biggest reasons I hate this word is because “social distancing” isn’t an honest phrase. It’s a flowery way of covering up something far darker in the same way “pro-choice” is a politically correct way of saying “killing babies in the womb.”

Social distancing is isolation. Full stop. While you can be around your family, you can’t interact with your friends, outside family, or peers unless you’re an arbitrary six feet apart. Hugging, shaking hands, or physical contact, in general, is out and you’re encouraged — if not required by law — to stay away from everyone and locked away in your own home unless need requires otherwise.

This isn’t natural to humans as a species and it shows.

Suicides rates have skyrocketed as have cases of depression. You’ve got kids as young as elementary school ages showing signs of clinical depression and teens killing themselves more and more. Adults are suffering from despair thanks to the isolation and subsequent unemployment and turning to drugs and alcohol. “Despair deaths” are on the rise due to this.

Humans are pack animals. We travel in groups and require a level of social interaction, with all the person-to-person contact that comes with it.

This social distancing, the lockdown of our cities and towns was supposed to be a way to “flatten the curve” so our hospitals don’t become overwhelmed. Yet months later we’re still experiencing lockdowns. This is in spite of the fact that the virus has shown to hardly affect people at all. As of now, the virus has a below 0.3 percent mortality rate according to the CDC, and that’s information we’ve had since May.

Despite the fact that Sweden had no lockdown, their mortality numbers declined to next to naught. What’s more, the CDC noted that 94 percent of COVID-19 deaths had other factors involved and while some of these factors involve legitimate contributors to mortality such as lung problems and heart disease, most had causes that had zero to do with the virus at all, such as drug overdoses or car crashes. The CDC quietly altered their testing guidelines, recommending not bothering getting tested if you’re not showing symptoms.

Yet we’re constantly told that we need to isolate ourselves because if we don’t we’re all going to die of a virus that does absolutely jack  to the vast majority of Americans, especially small children.

Back in September, Nashville’s city leadership actually hid information about COVID-19’s low infection rates from the public so they could continue to lock down the city. The media is constantly feeding us updates about rising infection rates to encourage everyone to be okay with lockdowns.

But who cares? If we keep those who are actually affected by the virus practicing safe measures then why does everyone else need to stay isolated if it doesn’t affect them? Why is it so important for the leaders of various cities to keep its people in isolation, paint it with flowery language, and keep everybody unemployed, depressed, and waiting for government handouts?

The answer is pretty obvious. The more we “social distance” and keep everything in lockdown then the worse off our economy is and the economy is the most powerful weapon Trump wields. You see Democrats locking down states and cities and then using the economic downturn as a weapon against Trump during debates. It’s a sick tactic to gain power and it’s something that I’ll never forgive the Democratic party for.

So many people have died from suicides and drug overdoses, lost their jobs and livelihoods, and have suffered unbelievable amounts of depression just so that the Democrats can have a chance against Trump in November.

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This is draconian, tyrannical, and just gross all around.

We don’t need to social distance anymore. We don’t need to worry about rising infection rates.

What we need is to fling the doors of this country wide open and allow its citizens to work, play, and socialize as is necessary for our species to flourish and live healthy lives. This lockdown isn’t working, it has never worked, and it will continue not to work and at some point Democrat states and cities will have to concede that point and open up their jurisdictions because it’s economy and people can’t take much more of this.

Nor should they.