94% of COVID Deaths Had Contributing Causes According to New CDC Report

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A new Center for Disease Control (CDC) report has revealed that the vast majority of COVID-19 related deaths had contributing factors that lead to the fatality.


According to this new report, a whopping 94 percent of the deaths that had Coronavirus listed as the cause actually had something else that actually brought the death about. That leaves only six percent of the deaths to be caused by the COVID-19 virus without help.

The CDC provided an information table that shows you the breakdown of what people died from most while having Coronavirus. As you can see, the vast majority of them had other lung-related ailments associated with the deaths, with other factors such as hypertension, heart failure, and other circulatory system diseases to blame.

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Other factors include deaths related to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, as well as a large number related to “intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning, and other adverse events.” There are also nearly 78,000 deaths described as “all other conditions and causes.”

It does not go into further detail what “adverse events” or “other conditions and causes” means.

The CDC also noted where the deaths took place. The most, by far, occurred in a “healthcare setting” or hospitals at 105,964. Strikingly, nursing homes contained the next highest death numbers at 36,078.


All things considered, this means that thousands and thousands of deaths on this chart could be tossed out as they weren’t caused by COVID-19 at all. While the virus is certainly deadly to those with respiratory issues, it is a respiratory virus and thus deaths with COVID relation could be fairly counted.

However, many of these deaths had nothing to do with the respiratory system. In fact, it would appear that the majority of them were deaths where COVID-19 was a simple bystander. This would be like blaming a man for a car crash when he was simply standing on the sidewalk witnessing it.

Given this new information, we could fairly make it clear who and who isn’t at risk for the virus, giving the populace more tools in their decision making.

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