CDC Quietly Changes COVID-19 Guidelines On Testing, No Explanation Given

John Amis
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Is the apocalypse over? The CDC isn’t saying but they are changing their guidelines on COVID-19 testing. Oddly, they have yet to tell anyone why they’ve done that.


According to CBS affiliate WCCO in Minneapolis, the CDC quietly changed the guidelines about testing recommendations for those feeling symptoms:

The agency no longer recommends testing for most people without symptoms, even if they’ve been in close contact with someone known to have the virus.

It kind of goes back to how testing looked in the spring, when people couldn’t really get one unless they were part of a high-risk category or had symptoms.

The CDC’s language, quietly updated this week, says you do not necessarily need to get a test if you’re not showing symptoms, despite known exposure.

The reason for the change is yet unknown.

Despite the move being furtive, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The change was met with backlash from doctors who consider this move dangerous according to USA Today:

Infectious disease experts are not only confused but also troubled by the change in testing guidelines made by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which said people without symptoms may not need a test – even if they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus.

“Our work on the ‘silent’ spread underscored the importance of testing people who have been exposed to COVID-19 regardless of symptoms,” tweeted Alison Galvani, director for the Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis at Yale School of Medicine. “This change in policy will kill.”

According to the LA Times, new 43,000 new cases re being reported daily nationwide, which is down a whopping 21 percent from earlier this month. Dr. Monica Gandhi told the Times that this could be attributed to many factors from mask-wearing to increasing levels of immunity among the general public.


“Hopefully all those factors are coming into play to get this virus under control in this country that’s really been battered by the pandemic,” said Gandhi.

Europe is still seeing high numbers despite having stricter lockdown rules than the U.S., but one country is still experiencing declines in Coronavirus despite having no lockdown at all. Sweden’s strategy of herd immunity has caused the country to see a constant downswing in infection rates.

The CDC has only given us reason to speculate but one reason may be the fact that the virus just isn’t the threat it was once perceived to be and the populace is naturally finding itself shedding itself of the virus as they get out and move around. The virus’s 99.6 percent survival rate has made it clear that the vast majority of Americans have little to fear from the virus and that those who do need to be protected are much wiser about how to avoid it now.

It’s unclear at his time why the CDC made the change leaving a lot of speculation to go around but RedState will stick with the story.


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