The State of the 2020 Democrat Party Summed Up In One Cringe-Worthy Video



The Democrat party isn’t doing so hot mentally.

Cruising around the internet on Monday I was introduced to a video that I was legitimately in awe of. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. A few of my peers also tweeted it out and soon the video went viral.


If you haven’t seen the video itself then I have to warn you that its genius lies in its ability to make you see a wider picture of just how hysterical the Democrat party has become. It was originally tweeted out by Twitter user “Indian Bronson” and compiles six different videos to play at the exact same time. The six videos each contain a woman who has uploaded a video on the internet via Tik Tok.

Each of these women is a leftist and each one is more hysterical than the last. By hysterical, I don’t mean comedic or funny. I mean they seem to have gone downright bonkers. Each of them is crying, throwing a tantrum, or screaming at the camera over something Republicans or Trump did. Each of them is infuriated to the point of dropping all decorum and losing their minds for all the world to see.

When combined the noise they create is absolutely horrific. I’ve personally gotten several responses that upon cutting on the sound, pets have quickly vacated the room.

Watch it for yourself.

As I said in the tweet above, I couldn’t help but think about how this perfectly encapsulates the state of the Democratic party. It’s overly emotional,  prone to hysterics, absorbed in fantasy, unnecessarily terrified, and permanently enraged.

I’m not sure if the Democrat party has always sported people like this among its ranks and we’re just seeing these train wrecks now because the internet exposes us to this madness and makes it viral or if this level of bats**t insanity has increased dramatically recently.


I can’t help but feel it’s the latter.

While it’s true that crazy has more access to the public square than ever before, the media has also had more access to us. To say that it hasn’t had an effect on our mental state would be a mistake. It definitely has. Bad news comes at us 24 hours a day. When we aren’t seeing it on our televisions it’s being shot straight into our eyeballs from our phones. Bias is not only commonplace in journalists and reporters, it’s almost a selling point for them.

But more than that is the fact that the media has been able to inject falsehoods mixed with ideas that have slowly but surely brought people into the world of social justice. Combine that with our educations system raising people with this ideological framework, the reinforcement makes social justice warriors out of completely normal people.

As I’ve written before, the bizarre behavior exhibited by social justice advocates is deserving of scientific research. It results in some seriously delusional and extreme behavior. What causes social justice advocates to lose it is currently a mystery but my personal theory is that the ideology puts more social stress on a person than they can take. Combined that much of the ideology revolves around guilt, victimhood, and self-hate, and you have a cocktail of poison to your mental health.

(Bizarre Behavior, Violence, and Delusions: Social Justice Advocacy Looks a Lot Like a Mental Disorder)


The behaviors they exhibit would be a major cause for concern at any other point in time in our history, yet much of the left considers this perfectly normal behavior. This video below, for instance, is more common than you might think.

It should worry people that those who go all-in with their support for the leftist ideological framework end up acting out in completely unhealthy and unhinged ways.

While not everyone in the Democratic party is this extreme, it can’t be denied that the left has adopted emotion, rage, and fear as the lenses through which they view reality and, even in some of its more professional circles, an absolute rejection of reality has taken place.

The Democrat party…not even once.


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