Stop Being Nice: A Rant You're Not Going to Like

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I need to rant so tuck in with a nice big cup of coffee, a big gulp, or just get settled comfortably on the toilet which is where I imagine most of my writing is read. It’s usually either me or Tik Tok going on in that room, but at least I won’t steal your information.


I’m convinced that we’ve become a nation that has gotten so out of control in our adherence to social justice that it’s even infected the people who are supposed to resist it, or worse, we’ve become too scared to rebel against it.

Over the past month, I’ve done my absolute best to keep my chin up and my anger in control, but I’m losing the battle. I was trying to figure out why, and I think I’ve got the answer.

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, isn’t living up to its reputation as either of those things. Social justice has infected everything and turned the United States into the shadow of its former self. Despite all the fighting back we’ve done, the left is still managing to make their reality-rejecting ideological stances the standard in how the public conducts itself. It doesn’t matter if its a complete denial of science or embracing failed political systems, the general public has become too afraid to look at the raging, temper tantrum throwing, hate-filled left and say “no.”

If you want to see how bad it’s gotten, here’s a perfect example from just this morning. America’s most tertiary network, CNN, told us that “individuals with a cervix” must get cervical cancer screenings starting at age 25.

We have a name for individuals with a cervix. We call them “women.” Cringe News Network won’t even say “woman” because the tantrum-throwing radicals on the left would digitally (and maybe even physically now) storm CNN en masse and punish them for daring to not be “inclusive” enough. The social justice warriors, as we call them, think they’re being heroes but in reality, they’re just erasing women by attributing one of the few things they can do that men absolutely can’t to some guy named Todd who wears a dress and demands you call him “Sharon.” Todd can’t have children because he’s a man, but simply saying Todd is a man (a basic fact) sends the modern-day digital Gestapo to your digital door.


The craziness doesn’t stop there. Social justice has taken over our society so much that we have a mass of people so brainwashed by leftist propaganda that they actually believe that socialism and communism are awesome. This week I made a joke to Elon Musk about socialism after he himself had made one.

This kicked the hornet’s nest and the left came at me with all the power of a screeching Karen who just heard the word “no” from a Starbuck’s employee.

Socialists and communists came out of the woodwork to let me know that capitalism is actually the place where people starve and that Soviet Russian citizens actually ate better than Americans back in the day. They told me, an idiot, that communism and socialism has never been tried before but, simultaneously, let me know that it’s worked every time it’s been tried. Then they each, without fail, told me to “read a book.”

I’ve read a lot of books and each of them told me that these people are the idiots and that these books I read were backed up by video evidence, in-person testimonies, and news reports coming out of places like Venezuela, North Korea, and even some parts of China. So convinced are the brainwashed left by their professors and peers, however, that their position is that my own eyes and ears are useless and that I should trust theirs. So consumed with social justice are they, that despite reality slapping down every position they have on the subject, they embrace it with their heart and soul to the point of violence.

These are the same idiots screaming “Black Lives Matter” in the streets as they burn down black-owned businesses, destroy their neighborhoods, and even kill them over television sets during riots. The same idiots who tell you that they’re the good guys as they pummel you into a near-coma because you think pummeling people into a near-coma isn’t the way we fix society.


I’ve repeated ad-nauseum that the end-goal of Black Lives Matter isn’t equality and elevation of black lives but the fact that despite repeated actions from the BLM rioters and their leaders have proven me right time and again, the general public either still believes BLM cares or is too afraid to say otherwise. It’s this cowardice that drives me nuts. I would much rather listen to five hours straight of “Cotton Eye’d Joe” with Yoko Ono adding her own backup vocals than read one more tweet telling me that I’m a racist for pointing out a very obvious truth; Black Lives Matter is here to institute Marxism through the promotion of black supremacy, not equality.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, pisses me off more than the cowardice, hypocrisy, and stupidity surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

I haven’t exactly hidden my disdain for the pearl-clutching going on when it comes to the virus. You’ve got people so up their own cornholes with policing their fellow citizens to wear masks, that you have angry women screaming they hope the children of those without them die.

The confusion surrounding the viral nature of the virus has everyone flipped upside down, around, dizzy. We’re dosed daily with infection rates while death rates equal out to about the same as the flu, the virus we get every year but don’t collapse our own society over. The confusion is bad enough, but it’s the reaction to it from our own leaders that just makes it all enraging.

Our nation is collapsing around us, people have lost or are losing their jobs, businesses are failing, and the stress of it all is causing drug and alcohol abuse, as well as suicide rates to shoot up. Given the numbers we have now, you’d think we’d all just say “hey, take precautions if you want to and keep those most susceptible safe, but let’s get our economy back on track,” but no.


You can currently get arrested for opening a business or going to church. You can’t even attend a funeral if there are already too many people.

What can you do, though?


I don’t ever want to hear the words “white privilege” again. Gretchen Witmer and Gavin Newsom will send the cops to your door to make an example out of you for trying to feed your family because it might spread the virus, but if you’re out dancing in the street during a Black Lives Matter protest with zero social distancing and your mask an afterthought, then you’re considered a hero. The virus rules all except the “woke.”

I want to tell you that this little dance party is wrong for happening, but if I’m being honest, it’s not. I’m not mad at them. In fact, I envy them for getting out there and doing what they want. Meanwhile, everyone following the rules seems like the suckers to me.

If all the truly responsible people went out and opened their businesses and conducted their lives like normal, the politicians and COVID-Karens could rant, scream, and rave all they want, lefty doctors could fear-monger till they were blue in the face and show us skyrocketing infection rates, but beyond these people, you wouldn’t know a damn bit of difference between now and pre-COVID America.

Hell, many people who have COVID don’t even know they have it because, for most, the virus doesn’t really affect you that much. I’m pretty sure if I got tested today they’d say I had the antibodies and I’d be able to narrow the time I had it down to that week I thought I was having allergies.


By the way, everything I wrote about above happened just this month and it’s only a few examples. This isn’t covering the ungodly amount of nonsense we’ve endured as a nation over the past four years.

All that I’ve written so far has been building up to this, and this isn’t going to please you.

I’d like to blame everything on the left, but it’s not just them. This is our fault too. We let this happen.

I think a lot of this is happening because, frankly, we’ve become so passive and polite. Our enemies have interpreted our mild-mannered kindness as weakness and we’ve done nothing to prove otherwise. In my opinion, we should be having a second Amendment rally every weekend, and businesses should defiantly tell their customers that despite orders from on high, the mask is optional. Likewise, police should follow the lead of a good many Sheriff’s departments and shrug off any orders to enforce COVID-19 lockdown rules. Any moral busybody that throws a fit should find herself surrounded by a bunch of likeminded people sick of the tyrannical attitudes and be silenced by the sheer number of people screaming at her in return.

I’m sick of this “nice guy” routine we’ve gotten ourselves into a rut with. It’s not doing us any good and we’re clearly being taken advantage of. I’m sick and tired of hearing stories about people losing everything because their business was burned down by some spoiled first-world kid playing dress up as a revolutionary and not enough stories about business owners who took a page out of the Korean’s book of rooftop defense, practicing their right to blast fools who try to harm them or their property.

Am I advocating violence? No. I’m promoting self-defense, which we have a right to. I guarantee that if rioters began seeing that the likelihood of being shot went up significantly, you’d see a lot of people a lot less gung-ho about being destructive and violent. The choice to loot and pillage becomes a lot more difficult to make when the consequences involve dying somewhere between the store and the hospital bed.


I’m especially sick of hearing how we all think this is going to go away if Trump gets elected. It won’t. Without taking the fight to battlefields in academia, the arts, corporate ad agencies, and more, Trump will just be a hurdle they have to get over before they can really accomplish their goals in earnest. The guy won’t be in office forever and there’s no more road to kick the can down. We have to stand and fight now and we have to fight everywhere.

That means speaking truths that are uncomfortable and not doing things that our polite society has taught us to do. Stop qualifying your facts with reassurances that you’re not racist or sexist. Stop being afraid to make other people uncomfortable with your disagreements. I’m not saying be an a-hole to people, but stop entering every verbal combat situation by putting yourself on the back foot as a show of friendliness. They won’t show you that mercy and will only take advantage of it.

We’re not a nation of cowards so let’s stop acting like it. The old saying that “all evil needs in order to succeed is for good men to do nothing” applies here. Our enemies deserve no quarter as we have received none ourselves.

Fight back.

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