The Most Racist People In America

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Patrick Young, an organizer with Rising Tide North America, speaks at a Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund protest while blocking traffic along Independence Avenue and 12th Street Southwest near the National Mall in Washington, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. A broad coalition of climate and social justice organizations are disrupting the morning rush hour commute. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Who is the most racist group in America?

Many would immediately point to “white people.” You hear about racism that occurs all the time, even if it didn’t.

Thing is the people who guessed “white people” are absolutely correct, just not as correct as they think they are.

In order to get the answer completely right, you’d have to dig a little further. The majority of white Americans aren’t racist at all. In order to find out who is the most racist you’d have to dive into the political affiliation part of the white population and after a bit of study you’d likely find that between Republicans and Democrats, it’s the Democrats who are undoubtedly racist but to be even more accurate, it’s the hard-left “progressive” bunch that really claim the title of “most racist group in America.”

They’re guilty of racism for a number of reasons. One is the oftentimes overlooked “soft bigotry of low expectations” Democrats often force on minority communities. They don’t believe that if they remove their helping hands from their communities that minority communities will amount to anything.

This is demonstrably false. As the Cato Institute pointed out, government intervention in communities has only caused their collapse:

Throwing money at the problem has neither reduced poverty nor made the poor self‐​sufficient. But government welfare programs have torn at the social fabric of the country and been a significant factor in increasing out‐​of‐​wedlock births with all of their attendant problems. They have weakened the work ethic and contributed to rising crime rates. Most tragically of all, the pathologies they engender have been passed on from parent to child, from generation to generation.

Democrat’s lack of faith in minority communities to be able to stand on their own is a special kind of racism that looks good at first glance but beneath the surface is a huge problem that has resulted in more bloodshed and poverty than you can likely fathom.

However, when it comes to openly hating another race, the white Democrat hates no one more than the white person. White people are blamed for every negative thing that befalls America whether it’s the result of white people’s actions or not. One way or another, they’ll find a way to tie white people into the problem.

Hilariously, their own party has selected a white man to represent them in the coming 2020 elections and for the party, this is more than they can bear. As Reason’s Robby Soave reported, a new poll shows that white leftists are pretty angry about white leftists being in charge:

Some 41 percent of Democratic voters are bothered by the fact that their party’s nominee—former Vice President Joe Biden—is an elderly white male, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.

Responses varied wildly across racial lines, but not in the way many people might expect. White respondents split evenly on the question: Half were bothered by Biden’s whiteness and half were not. Black and Hispanic respondents, on the other hand, largely didn’t care. Just 28 percent of the former and 30 percent of the latter indicated that Biden’s age and ethnicity mattered to them.

The younger, more liberal, more highly educated, and whiter the respondent, the more likely they were to care about the candidate’s identity. (Results were essentially indistinguishable along gender lines.)

Soave noted that even among Democrats, these hard-left people within the Democratic party are considered radicals as their fixation on shallow concepts such as race and gender overshadow their reasoning skills and blinds them to what works best:

These results demonstrate a point that comes up frequently in my book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of TrumpThe progressive activist fixation on identity—race, gender, etc.—is not broadly popular, even among left-of-center Americans. The demonstrations of performative wokeness that are part and parcel of life on college campuses seem alien (and alienating) to just about everyone else. When progressives push the Democratic Party to be more consciously identitarian, they arguably make it more unpopular among a swath of gettable voters who are turned off by these kinds of appeals. But, most importantly, the voters who are expected to be enthused by the appeals to racial identity—people of color—don’t care nearly as much as the undergrads at MiddleburyOberlin, and Reed College.

When it comes to any given topic, this sect of Democrats are going to be the first to bring up race. They’ll claim there isn’t enough “representation” or find some silly way to make something popular appear to be appealing because of its inherent racism.



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