The Wuhan Virus from China Is China's Fault and Our Media's Cooperation With China Won't Change That

In this photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping talks by video with patients and medical workers at the Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei Province, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. China’s president visited the center of the global virus outbreak Tuesday as Italy began a sweeping nationwide travel ban and people worldwide braced for the possibility of recession. For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. (Xie Huanchi/Xinhua via AP)


It’s an indisputable fact that the Wuhan virus, known popularly as the Coronavirus or Covid-19, originated in Wuhan, China. Every documentable piece of evidence shows us this. There is no getting around it.

Yet, China is attempting to distract the world from that fact and in the way you would expect a communist nation to do it, by attempting to manipulate public opinion through the inherent leftism in the media. You’ve seen it happen already with various leftist figures like Chris Hayes calling it racist to label the virus as the Wuhan Virus, or Chinese Virus. I highlight the asininity of it in my latest video.

The idea that we can’t label the virus by its place of origin without being xenophobic is ridiculous, but that’s the going narrative now despite the fact that the leftist media was calling it that very thing not long ago.


The sad thing is that China has learned that America’s obsession with race and racism is a nifty tool by which to manipulate the populace. Just yesterday, a Chinese state-run news organization tweeted out that “racism is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence.

It’s odd to me that our media has suddenly about-faced after calling it the Wuhan virus itself. It’s odd to me that China, who wants very badly to distance itself from the blame of the virus is putting on a campaign to make it seem like the virus isn’t their fault. It’s so bad, that we even have Chinese leaders pointing at the United States military as perpetrators of the pandemic.

(READ: Twitter Refuses to Remove Chinese Official’s Tweet Claiming US Military Planted COVID-19 in Wuhan)


For centuries, we’ve referred to viruses by their place of origin yet only now it’s considered racist just as the Chinese are trying to make themselves the innocent party? This isn’t tinfoil hat nonsense I’m laying down here. These are real questions that need to be answered.

I don’t think I need to go too far into an explanation about how a location is not a race. It’s a good idea to keep the origin of a virus in mind as it helps narrow down the problem and possibly helps come up with solutions. Ethnicity isn’t a factor here.

In all honesty, it seems to me that China would rather lead the left by the nose into what it believes is a woke message of anti-racism. It seems to me that both the left and China have a lot to gain by President Donald Trump being hurt by this and as such, are willing to tout the same message to accomplish an agenda. Trump being slammed for using innocuous terminology that was used by everyone in the world up until recently stinks to high heaven of narrative manipulation that helps no one but leftist parties.

It doesn’t change the facts, however. The Coronavirus is from China. The pandemic is China’s fault. China is to blame. The Trump administration is doing what it can to slow the outbreak and bring us back to normal. The health of our people and our economy depend on it.


The only people who are going to benefit from a downed economy and dead Americans are China and a left that is willing to sacrifice anything in order to beat Trump. This is a disgusting position to take, and I advise our American left to choose another hill to die on.


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