The Fringe Part of the Democrat Party Is No Longer the Fringe Part

Bernie Sanders by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

I’d like to tell you that President Donald Trump’s election in 2016 kickstarted a journey for the Democrats toward the hard-left and that their perception of Trump as a radical is what caused them to radicalize themselves, but that wouldn’t be accurate.

The Democrat party has been on this journey for decades and began it in earnest around the 1930s with the founding of the Frankfurt School and the spread of critical theory. The Democrat party became infected by this ideological nonsense and as time progressed, you can see policies rise like fungus caused by critical theory and Marxism over time.

For a time, this infection kept to the fringes of the Democratic party, but it kept opening the door to spread it with every election, every social issue, and every opportunity to gain leverage over their Republican opponents. Even the Republicans weren’t wholly immune to it.

The Democrats were ripe for the infection to wholly take over the party and the election of Donald Trump is what triggered it. Trump was something they couldn’t overcome or get around. They had no idea how to beat him. Everything they knew to do in order to subjugate their opponents didn’t work. In fact, it only made him stronger. If they had just seen that the problem was their own radicalization and became more moderate, they may have defeated him, but instead, the Democrat party knee-jerked in the direction that had gotten them where they are.

So they radicalized themselves and began inviting in radicals to lead them. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib came in and formed a party within the party that had other Democrats believing they were the future and should be following their lead. They proposed radical legislation like the Green New Deal and created narratives about environmental justice, social inequality, fair shares, living wages, and more.

Fast forward, and the party has now embraced the most radical candidate to face off against Trump in 2020. Sen. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist who is so socialist that he honeymooned in Soviet Russia. Every other word out of his mouth is a slam on the wealthy or promotion of the idea of inequality. The things he promotes, and the people he surrounds himself with, are people who are into the idea of political revolutions. Some of them overtly talk about it like his campaign staffer Kyle Jurek, and some of them promote it in other ways like AOC, who stayed silent on Antifa violence.

As we can see, Sanders is currently winning in primaries. The radical part of the Democrat party is no longer the radical part of the Democrat party. It is the Democrat party.

Heading into 2020, this is now the option you’re presented with.

Do you embrace that radicalism, or do you reject it and move forward under Trump and the Republican party.

I think that the answer is pretty obvious, and apparently, America agrees. Trump’s approval numbers are up to record highs, and Democrat turnout is signaling real trouble for them.

Whatever the Democrats used to be, they aren’t that anymore. That Democrat party that your grandparents were once a part of is no longer here. It died a very slow death, but it died all the same. The Democrat party is now the socialist party. The people in it are either wholly ignorant of what the party actually stands for or understand completely and will do whatever it takes in order to bring about the revolution.

The choice in 2020 is whether or not we let the infection spread to the rest of the country, or defeat the Democrats and stop the infection here.

Vote accordingly.


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