Trump Trolled Elizabeth Warren as She Floundered in New Hampshire

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It’s not a good night for Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and to make matters worse, Trump is openly laughing about it on Twitter.

Warren has oftentimes been one of the biggest antagonists of Trump and set herself up as Trump’s greatest opponent. However, as the New Hampshire primary collects its votes, it’s clear that Warren isn’t even going to make it into the top three. This couldn’t be more hilarious to many, especially Trump, who has been the biggest thorn in Warren’s boot for years.


“Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is having a really bad night. I think she is sending signals that she wants out. Calling for unity is her way of getting there, going home, and having a “nice cold beer” with her husband!” tweeted Trump.

At this time, Warren is currently placing fourth in New Hampshire, beating out former Democratic favorite Joe Biden, but behind Sen. Amy Klobuchar who made a surprise come from behind placement in this primary.

If anything, this should signal to Warren that her prospects in the 2020 race are likely minimal and she should strongly consider dropping out of the race. Even if Warren had something of a successful moment in the Democratic party early in the race, she never stood a chance of beating Trump in a one on one face-off.


Not only was Warren easily manipulated by Trump into making big mistakes, such as taking a DNA test that eliminated her claim of being Native American, but Warren’s consistent attacks on America’s business owners also lead them to vow to support Trump. This includes big Democrat donors.

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