The State of Our Collective Political Psyche

The U.S. flag flies high over Gander RV in Statesville, NC. Screen grab via WCNC.

Every day, it’s my job to get onto the internet and watch, read, and commentate on what I see in the news. Every day, I’m served up another example of just how insane things have gotten, but what’s even crazier than what we are noticing, is what we’re not noticing.

Let me start with what we are noticing.

We’re noticing the Democrat party continuously act on their elitism in various ways sometimes minutely with expressions of wishing to use government to control the people just like 2020 Democrat candidate Michael Bloomberg did when speaking about taxing the poor so they couldn’t use that money to hurt themselves…

…to the impeachment circus, which, as I explained, is more than just the Democrats attempting to hurt Trump so they can take power in 2020, or possibly before. This is also their attempt to impeach you, and see to it that if you make a decision that they don’t like, they can overrule your decision through underhanded means.

Currently, we have a Democratic party that has impeached President Donald Trump with zero evidence, and they’re using our taxpayer dollars to do it.

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We even have a leftist media that is actually laughing at and insulting you directly on major cable television. They will go so far in their hatred of you that they will label you a white supremacist for merely standing up for your God-given rights.

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We have a presidential campaign on the Democrat’s side that shows its staffers openly advocating for violence against those who disagree with them, wishing to send people to gulags, and burn cities down.

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I could go on and on, but you get the point. The left has revealed itself to be truly hateful and evil. They will stop at nothing to achieve power and have made it clear that once they do, you’re going to suffer. If they don’t, you’re still going to suffer in other ways.

So what aren’t we noticing?

We’re not noticing that we’re just kind of used to this now as a society.

So often I see this stuff laid out before people, and their reaction isn’t necessarily acceptance, but there is a sort of apathy toward it. What we do accept isn’t the occurrence, but the fact that the occurrence happens with such regularity and in a mainstream kind of way.

We’re so desensitized to it.

I can’t blame people for that. It happens with such regularity that after a while, it started becoming a pattern we just got used to in the same way we’re used to day following night, certain animals making certain noises, and rain making things wet.

The more I think about it, the more tragic I find this. We live, and are raising children in, an environment where people on major platforms who are supposed to be the ones who inform us, who lead us, and who represent us, hate our guts and openly speak of us with such malice that our world seems so dark. Our children will grow up in the heat of a culture war that should have long been over. It’s a culture war that has claimed the lives of millions of unborn children and causes those who do grow up in it to question their own value and self-worth. They find themselves coming up short and as a result both depression and suicide rates are skyrocketing.

People wonder why the cultural and political fight goes on as much as it does, but every day, I watch the news and see the importance of it. Our society is very sick, and the more we resist the more ground we gain. The more we keep people like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, and Bernie Sanders out of office, the more we reclaim our culture, and by extension, our humanity. The more we attend rallies like the one promoting the 2nd Amendment in Virginia, or the March for Life, the more we untie the knots this regressive, hard-left cultural takeover had us in for ages.

Rest assured, my from perspective, I think we’re definitely making some pretty large victories, but I can tell you that we still have a long way to go and many more battles to fight. We still have a lot of aspects of our culture to take back.

I think we can do it, and we are, it’s just going to take a while. Don’t get discouraged.



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