No, Media Leftists, Ricky Gervais Did Not Ruin the Golden Globes

No, Media Leftists, Ricky Gervais Did Not Ruin the Golden Globes
[Screenshot from the Golden Globes via Gold Derby,]

[Screenshot from the Golden Globes via Gold Derby,]
The backlash to Rickey Gervais’s epic beatdown of the Hollywood elite was expected, and the response did indeed come, it came in more like a trickle than a tidal wave.

A few tweets here, a random post there, but one, in particular, got my attention. It got Gervais’s attention too, but if it was trying to make him angry or feel bad, it didn’t succeed. The response simply made Gervais laugh even more.

An article from The Independent, titled “Ricky Gervais Cheapened the Golden Globes and Overshadows Vital Political Statements” hit twitter on Monday with all the shock and awe of a whoopie cushion. The ratio was swift and brutal, but I want to address some of the things mentioned in the article because it really opened my eyes to how the left views Hollywood.

The article’s author, Jo Murch, began by lamenting the fact Hollywood was once a place of elegance and poise:

Ricky Gervais’s performance at last night’s Golden Globes was enough to make Gene Kelly turn in his grave. Once upon a time, Hollywood was synonymous with elegance and class but Gervais’ tirade of nasty and smutty jokes proved that tabloid culture has leaked its way into even the highest tier of entertainment. Call me a prude but a joke about Judi Dench “licking her ass” hardly screams high society.

Right off the bat, I’m already doing my best “WTF” face. Are we talking about the same Hollywood?

According to every behind the scenes story I’ve seen about Hollywood, sex scandals, drug abuse, sexual abuse, backstabbing, racism, foul play, and more have made up the entertainment industry for ages. Even pedophilia is relatively common according to recent information that has come to light.

Despite all of this being common knowledge, why is Murch talking like Hollywood is the place to go for outstanding examples on how to behave?

Because like so many in the first world, Murch has been seduced by the shallow aspects of Hollywood life. It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam. The clean, beautiful faces dolled up to the nines as cameras flash and people smile and wave while wearing expensive clothing and jewelry that you and I couldn’t afford.

It’s a very shiny mask covering some very ugly truths. Hollywood isn’t the place you go to for class, it just looks nice, like the recently built towers in North Korea built for fashion, not function.

Murch goes on to complain that Gervais’s speech is one that should only be seen in a South Park episode or in the best man’s risque speech, adding that it doesn’t belong on the stage that birthed the #MeToo movement.

Again, Murch seems to believe that Hollywood was the moral center of our society here, but what goes forgotten is the fact that the #MeToo movement was founded due to the behavior of people in Hollywood. Let’s also not forget that the movement became more of a witch hunt that found many innocent men accused and punished over crimes they didn’t commit. Not to mention the fact that one of #MeToo’s leading activists, Asia Argento, sexually abused a seventeen-year-old boy.

Murch’s article continues with some pretty amazing logic, turning to Gervais calling out the celebrities for putting up a “woke” front while working for companies that run sweatshops.

“At least they’re trying to use their platform for good and this shouldn’t be taken lightly,” wrote Murch.

You can read the rest of it for yourself, and I recommend you do it. It is pretty funny, but aside from one more quote, I won’t bog down more of my article with it here. You get the point, and that’s that Murch didn’t get the point.

This cluelessness is best summed up in one of Murch’s musings:

Last night, Gervais really did come across as an idiotic clapping monkey – grabbing your attention but for what you’re not really sure.

The “for what” is pretty obvious if you look anywhere outside of the coastal bubble.

We’re tired of it. All of it.

As I wrote yesterday, we sit and watch as these out of touch celebrities who have long forgotten what it is to be an everyday average American tell us that everything we believe is wrong and that in order to get on the right side of history we need to commit to doing everything the way the progressives say we should.

They don’t have to do it, mind you, just us. They repeatedly demonstrate that they themselves don’t have to obey the rules they want us to follow. It’s us that has to do the everyday work to cut back on CO2 emissions, not their responsibility to discontinue flying around on private jets causing them to spew 10,000 times more CO2 into the atmosphere than the average person.

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What’s more, the rest of America has reached the conclusion that most of these elitists are idiots. Even Sir Anthony Hopkins, one of the few celebrities possessing any self-awareness, admits that celebrities aren’t the smartest bunch.

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Imagine your child wearing a costume and explaining to you that the way you live is horrible and needs to change. Now age that child a few decades, keep the costume, and the sense of confidence that can only be given by ignorance, and you have a Hollywood celebrity.

What Gervais did was call that out. He held up a mirror and told those celebrities exactly what the vast majority of Americans think of them.

Not only was it deserved, but it was also needed. We don’t want to be lectured to. That’s not what we’re there for. That’s not what celebrities are even there for despite their insistence that they continue to do it.

What Gervais did was neuter them. He took the wind out of their sales, and while they furiously paddled, the messages only came off as laughable now. This is a good thing. As Gervais said, they are in no position to lecture anybody.

Just shut up and act.

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