Democrats Have Obvious Facts to Learn About the State of Their Party With the Latest 2020 Dropout

Ignore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. I think it’s clear who the real leaders in the Democratic party are, and it’s not anyone in a leadership position.

While there were lots of clues that the Democrats were now answering to the hard left, the definitive moment that we knew people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had become the de facto leaders of the Democrats was when the 2020 candidates began going into Marxist territory with their policy suggestions like it wasn’t a big deal.

There once was a time when Sen. Bernie Sanders was considered the odd duck with his open socialism. Now, everyone is promising free this, and free that. Andrew Yang is promising a universal basic income and brags that he’s literally trying to give people money if he’s elected.

If you were to go back a few years, many of these candidates wouldn’t have touched that level of socialism with a 10 ft. pole, but thanks to the arrival of radicalism in the party, they suddenly embraced it.

The most obvious case, in my opinion, was Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, who went from a Texas semi-moderate Democrat to a raging gun banning socialist in the span of a couple of weeks. You could tell some of these positions weren’t come by honestly. He didn’t wear them well, and he seemed mightily awkward on stage and during interviews when talking about them. People didn’t believe his conviction, and as such, he was one of the first to go.

Thing is, these 2020 Democrats can’t be blamed for thinking this is the path they have to take. Looking at the Democratic party right now, its loudest and most active members are all just to the left of Marx. Its most popular politicians, too many members of the mainstream media, and busy activists are all part of the same flock.

When you’re encased in that much ideology, you begin to think that’s all there is for your side.

But a simple glance at the current 2020 standing gives us a solid idea as to what the Democrat party really consists of.

Currently in the lead is Joe Biden, who has actually been in the lead since even before he entered into the race. He’s perceived to be moderate by the general public, and while that’s not necessarily true, compared to many of the others on that stage with him, the lie sells nicely. He’s a throwback to the Obama era, which many regular Democrats miss.

He has a wide lead, with his RCP average of 27 percent that has remained steady, more or less. In second is Sanders with Elizabeth Warren in third, at 16 and 14 percent respectively.

Warren had matched Biden in approval midway through October, then had a hockey stick of a decline, likely due to the fact that her extreme anti-business stances lost her a lot of loyalty from Democrat donors. In fact, many of them threatened to back Trump if she was the nominee. Even Bill Gates, a true blue Democrat, wouldn’t say whether or not he’d vote for Trump should Warren get the nod.

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Sanders has been maintaining his position with no real movement toward becoming the most popular candidate. This is despite having the direct backing of AOC. What’s more, Sanders attracts supporters who are primarily made up of younger people who are either in college or just out of it according to the last time his audience was polled. Given, this was back in 2016, but judging by the look of the crowds that tend to follow him around, 2019 isn’t that much different.

While getting the youth vote is well and good, it’s not necessarily the demographic you want to primarily rest your hopes on. Not only are they the least likely to vote in an election, one in ten Sanders supporters ended up voting for Trump in the 2016 election after he dropped out. While this was likely in direct relation to the DNC actively trying to screw Sanders, another Sanders loss may embitter voters to do it again. Either way, it proves the reliability of a Sanders voter is shaky at best when all things are considered.

I don’t think I need to go into the rest of the 2020 pack at this time. The lesson here is plain enough without it.

If Democrat strategists and politicians are paying attention, then they’d see that the radicalism that they thought was going to help them win an election is actually the very thing that is repulsing people and giving Trump so much of his momentum. The identity politics that they thought was working to sway the public so well is actually a dead end. The shattered remains of the Kamala Harris campaign is evidence of that.

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Despite what they’ve been told by the outrage mobs, social justice activists, interest groups, and media talking heads, America is a moderate country whose Overton window is still way further to the right than they think it is. The call for “free everything” and the constant chanting of “eat the rich” isn’t exactly the rallying cry the Democrats believe it to be.

If Democrats keep this heading, Trump could literally do nothing and still win by a large margin.

With that in mind, Democrats should realize that it’s time for the radical, social justice, identitarian, Marxist parts that have infested their party to die. They’re on a hard-left bender and it’s destroying them. If they have any desire to recover and be a party people take seriously again, they’ll ditch the radicalism.


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