YouTuber PewDiePie Shows Us How to Handle the LGBT Outrage Mob

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At 102 million subscribers, Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) is the most-watched person on the internet, and as you can probably imagine by his stances, he’s also one of the most controversial.


Kjellberg hasn’t outrightly made his politics known, but thanks to various moments, it can be safely assumed that he’s no fan of the hard left and has something of a soft spot for right-leaning thinking. This, combined with his non-politically correct nature and penchant for offensive humor, has naturally earned him the label of “alt-right” from the internet rage mob.

It didn’t help that recently he withdrew a donation from the Anti-Defamation League after it was made clear to him how horrible they were.

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As he has said, however, he finds the claim that he has anything to do with alt-right groups “laughable.”

Still, it’s become common for Kjellberg to fall into some kind of controversy. In fact, one is generated against him, seemingly every other day.

Recently, Pewds upset the online trans community after he “misgendered” someone in a video he had made. The result was his Twitter feed being overwhelmed by angry people calling him a “transphobe.”


At this point, many people would buckle under the weight of the mob, but Kjellberg isn’t one for that kind of thing. Instead, he addressed it directly in a recent video where he pointed out the attacks coming his way, pointed out who they are, and then delivered a message.

Kjellberg started by pointing out that most of the accounts had anime avatars, making themselves completely anonymous. He then found the tweet that had the most interactions to it and pointed out that the user later admitted that she’d never watched the video everyone was so upset about.

Quick aside: This is very characteristic of the mob. It’s a lot of outrage over very little information.

From there, Kjellberg pointed out that they are simply assuming what his intent was to purposefully misgender someone, and pointed out that that it was easy to mistake this “woman” for the man he was. He explained that he’s actually pro-LGBT and that he’s not the kind to purposefully misgender someone to troll.

It was then he let the mob have it with both barrels.

“But these dumbass anime avatar kids on twitter. I mean, your brains are not fully developed. Clearly,” said Kjellberg.


“You’re just making noise,” he continued. “You’re not helping anyone.”

Kjellberg said he anticipated blowback for saying that, and that even now that it’s clear he didn’t mean to that they will say he should have been more careful.

“It’s the same sh*t all over again. Go f**k yourself,” said Kjellberg looking into the camera.

Too many in today’s society tend to bend to the will of the online mob, but I wanted to point out Kjellberg’s response to the trans mob (one of the most vicious and active) because it’s the attitude we should all strike when they attack. Let these punks rage in the comments. The less serious we take them the better off society will be.


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