Pennsylvania Democrat: A Miscarriage Is “Just a Mess on a Napkin”


A Democrat Representative in Pennsylvania was caught on camera calling a miscarried child “just a mess on a napkin” during a debate on a bill that would deal with how a baby’s remains are handled by facilities in the case of a miscarriage or an abortion.


According to the Pennsylvania Family Council, during a House Health Committee meeting, Representative Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks) was arguing against Bill 1890 lead by Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), which would require healthcare facilities to either bury or cremate unborn children who have died from an abortion or miscarriage.

“I think we all understand the concept of the loss of a fetus,” said Ullman, “but we’re also talking about a woman who comes into a facility and is having cramps, and not to be…”

Ullman stops for a moment, attempting to search for careful words. After a moment she finally finds them.

“Not to be…concrete. An early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin, and I’m not sure people would agree that this is something that we want to take to the point of ritual…uh…either cremation or internment.”

According to the Policy for Pennsylvania Family Institute Vice President, Tom Shaheen, these miscarriages are more than just messes.

“A miscarriage, no matter how early, does not result in a ‘mess on a napkin’ but the loss of a child,” said Shaheen. “Each human life deserves respect, even when lost at an early stage in development.”

“The remains of human beings should be treated better than medical waste. Rep. Frank Ryan’s bill is a compassionate effort to help offer some closure to many mothers and families in Pennsylvania,” added Shaheen.


Ask any expectant mother who suffered the loss of a child due to a miscarriage, and you’d find that their sadness over losing the child indicates that they considered it to be far more than a “mess on a napkin.” Ullman’s adherence to the pro-abortion agenda has blinded her to the stark reality that lost children are still children, and that mothers who have lost children during pregnancy don’t feel like they were rid of refuse.

In fact, the pro-abortion community seems to be very lost on what a miscarriage is. In 2017, Planned Parenthood tweeted out an article by a woman named  Danielle Campoamor who attempted to sell the idea that having a miscarriage and having an abortion are one and the same.

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No matter how you dress up the language, you can’t deny that these are children that have been lost and their remains deserve the same respect you would give a child who passed away.


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