Antifa Thought It Could Get Away with Violence Against Boston's "Straight Pride Parade," but a Judge Is Ruining Their Day

Antifa has had an easy time of it lately. No matter what violence or illegalities they seem to commit, they pretty much get away with it with only a few arrests here and there. What’s more, the media that may as well sport pompoms when they talk about Antifa, further putting social pressure on lawmakers to look the other way when it comes to Antifa’s crimes.


Not in Boston, however.

As Sister Toldjah wrote earlier on Wednesday, 36 members of Antifa were arrested as they assaulted citizens and police while trying to disrupt the parade. The members were charged with various charges, including assault and battery of officers as well as assault with a dangerous weapon. Members of “The Squad,” including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley tried to fundraise for the Antifa attackers and were roasted by the Boston Police Union.

Apparently, prosecutors were attempting to have the Boston’s Judge Richard Sinnott, who was overseeing the cases, dismiss the charges against seven Antifa members, but the judge is standing firm according to WGBH, and this has made leftist groups very angry:


At arraignment proceedings at Boston Municipal Court Tuesday, Sinnott denied motions filed by prosecutors to throw out charges against seven people, some facing disorderly conduct charges, and some facing charges of resisting arrest.

The judge’s refusal to drop the charges at the request of prosecutors drew criticism from District Attorney Rachael Rollins, the ACLU and others.

Rollins said in a statement issued Tuesday night that Sinnott “punished the exercise of individuals’ First Amendment right to protest” and said she would “use the legal process to remedy the judge’s overstepping of his role” for “those people now tangled in the criminal justice system for exercising their right to free speech.”

While the left seems displeased, others are relieved.

“The charges are serious, and I appreciate the judge … not throwing them out of court,” said Boston Patrolmen’s Association President Michael Leary. “I thought there’d be some dismissals and people walking out of court high-fiving each other, thinking they had a victory of some sort, but I was very happy with what happened today.”


According to WGBH, Leary told them in a phone interview that these arrests were rightfully made, and that his officers were forced to arrest these Antifa members due to their violence.

“We don’t arrest people frivolously, we arrest people because they’re committing crimes, and we don’t want our police officers assaulted,” he said. “They’re just trying to do their jobs, and people are throwing things at them, calling them terrorists, all kinds of crazy names. … We’re just trying to keep the peace.”



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