CNN Throws In the Towel, Calls the Mueller Hearing for Trump

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What you’re about to watch is likely one of the most painful things CNN has ever had to endure, and it definitely hurt them more than it hurt me.

After years of useless investigation, millions of taxpayer dollars wasted, and no shortage of “bombshell” news reports that “signal the beginning of the end for the Trump administration,” the Mueller investigation has now been so discredited that even CNN is throwing its hands up in the air declaring this a victory for Trump.


And it’s all thanks to this disastrous Mueller hearing.

“White House officials and the President’s Republican allies are walking away from this morning’s hearing and viewing it as a success,” said CNN White House correspondent Caitlin Collins.

Collins noted that Republicans went in not knowing what would happen, but walked out confident that the Democrats last best grasp at impeachment is now a hollow pipe dream.

I’m going to say something I very rarely say, but CNN is correct here. Democrats expected Mueller to say something that would damn Trump, but in the end, he only came off as a man who didn’t even read his report. In fact, he looked so inept in talking about the investigation’s findings that some were wondering if he was actually losing it in his old age.

Even when it came to the obstruction charge, Mueller shut the door on it.


If even CNN is calling it, then it’s time the Democrats hang it up. They’ve been dragging the public around by the nose on the slim chance that President Donald Trump actually did something worth impeaching him over, costing us time and money. The media has been talking about almost nothing else since Trump was elected and has lost tons of credibility and viewers along the way because of it.

I guess now Democrats will have to put all their hopes on 2020…

…maybe 2024 if we’re going to be realistic.


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