CNN Calls Trump a Racist for Controversial Tweet, then CNN Contributor Does the Exact Same Thing

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Whenever Trump does something that the left proclaims is an affront to civility, you can probably just count the minutes until the left does the exact same thing in an effort to “clapback.”


Take, for instance, Anna Navarro. Navarro is one of a multitude of leftists who found Trump’s comments racist, xenophobic, and whatever accusation you want to throw at it.

In her moment of self-righteousness, Navarro decided then that now was the time to turn it around on Republicans because, somehow, using the same arguments that Trump use except on Republicans somehow makes Trump’s “racist” comments okay now.

“If we’re going to start sending people back. I don’t know. You know, listen, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Marco Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba,” said Navarro during a segment on CNN. “Melania Trump was born where? Slovenia. How about her parents who are here through family immigration?”

As I expressed in an earlier article on Monday, Trump’s tweet had it’s issues, but it wasn’t racist. Also, contrary to Navarro’s rant here, Trump also made it clear that he wasn’t sending these women back to these countries permanently, as if that’s where they belong. He said that they should go there, solve the problems in those countries, then come back here. The point, while mired in unnecessary verbiage, can be easily gleaned. Trump is saying that if they hate this country so much, then how about they spend time in countries that actually do have the problems these women claim they do.


It’s likely that most of the left hasn’t even actually read Trump’s tweet, or at least have and did some mental gymnastics in order to arrive at the conclusion that it is about race and not appreciating America.

Regardless, Navarro is 110 percent certain that Trump is advocating that these women be sent back to the countries of their origin and, in order to own the cons, turned it around and promoted the idea that other leaders with foreign backgrounds should be deported too.

Let me point out the obvious here, just in case some of my left-leaning readers are missing it. Trump didn’t advocate for sending these women back to a country permanently, just to fix the problems that these countries have. Navarro did.

Not that it matters anyway. Melania, Rubio, and Cruz aren’t complaining about how horrible the United States is. They don’t need to be sent anywhere to see how horrible things are in order to appreciate what’s going on here in America.

Despite that fact, Rubio is actually willing to go to Venezuela in order to flex on the despotic socialistic leaders a bit because he understands how good things can be here in America, and even threatened the leaders at their own border not to stop humanitarian aid from reaching the people. Is Omar doing that in Somalia? Probably not, because women aren’t exactly respected there.


Was Trump’s tweet bad? It definitely has it’s issues. Was it racist? No, it wasn’t. Navarro, without knowing it, played herself here by turning a perceived racist meaning in Trump’s tweet and essentially advocating the very thing she just classified as racist.


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