Twitter Leftist's Try to Make Fun of Ted Cruz but Cruz Is Too Good at Twitter

Say what you will about Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, but the guy is clever. He’s often painted as creepy and awkward, but Cruz is actually a guy with a sense of humor that outclasses most of the mainstream comedians and their “clapter” we’re consistently subjected to.


One of the more popular jokes about Cruz is that he’s the Zodiac killer, but another one is a popular sticker that features Ted Cruz’s picture in front of a waving American flag. Below is the words “this man ate my son.”

It’s apparently a popular sticker.

…and so on.

Cruz, not being one to just take a meme lying down, decided he’d pretty much kill the left’s joke in one tweet.

“He was delicious!” tweeted Cruz.

Half of Twitter seemed to be stunned while the other half was appreciating Cruz’s internet checkmate.


One person on the left admitted defeat in the best way possible.

The lesson here is simple. If you come against Ted Cruz, you should probably stay on your toes. He’s proven he’s not the easiest guy to take down, and he’s funnier than you think he is due to the fact that you’ve been told repeatedly that he’s the geeky quiet kid from class.

He’s definitely the geeky kid, but that geeky kid just slew a social media trend with one tweet.


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