Shocking Video of People In Lab Coats Using Aborted Babies As Puppets Circulates Web

Screenshot: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon Morse

If you haven’t seen this video yet, I have to warn you, it’s pretty disturbing and infuriating in equal parts.

The video I’m going to post below features two people in lab coats utilizing two aborted babies like they are puppets. They pretend the two babies are — at least to my mind — dancing while someone beatboxes before they’re unceremoniously dropped back onto the pan they were laid in.


It should be noted that at this time, there are claims going around that the video is fake, and after some searching, I haven’t found any proof that it’s not real, and you can even notice a gash on the back of one of the baby’s necks where the abortion procedure would have been performed.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a legitimate video. If it is fake, then someone went through an awful lot of trouble to make it as detailed as possible.

The video was shared by LifeNews on Twitter.

It’s not clear if the people in the video are from an abortion clinic or perhaps doctors or medical students of some kind. There is what looks like a bag in the background used for holding a laptop or books. It’s possible that the aborted babies were originally being used for educational purposes, and these are just students using cadavers in a joking manner.

I’m not saying that this makes it any better, but I can forgive young people for being foolish and unthinking. It’s much harder to wrap your head around experienced adults who took the lives of two innocent children and then used their corpses for a joke.


The video has apparently been making the rounds around the internet for some time according to

The video first appeared about two weeks ago on a Venezuelan Facebook account titled “Vídeos Mundo Curioso,” which posts videos of an unusual nature. The video has logged over 9.3 million views on Facebook alone. It was then recorded and posted to the channel “Red Capital News” on July 6, 2018, where it has received another 5,000 views. From there it made its way onto the Twitter account @KBMAGAFL where it has received over 6,000 shares.

Where the video came from, or even when it was taken is still a mystery. Many pro-abortion accounts on the left have immediately labeled this video as a hoax, yet none of them have provided any evidence that it is.

I hope they’re correct, but I doubt that it is. The flippancy with which these dead children were used is sickening, and if the pro-abortion side isn’t bothered by even this, then we have a serious problem.


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