Jabba the Hutt, Batman, and Captain America are Interning at the White House


If you like superheroes, Star Wars characters, and Monty Python, then you find them all interning at the White House according to one government budget report.


Former Labor Department and Council of Economic Advisers official Martha Gimbel posted a report to Twitter on Tuesday that showed a part of the president’s 2018 economic report that listed a number of interns that help put the 711-page report together. Among the names were the alter egos for Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Batman (Bruce Wayne) J. T. Hutt (Jabba the Hutt) and Monty Python legend John Cleese, among others.

CNBC White House reporter Christina Wilkie went through and listed all the big names that were interning under Trump in 2018.

Upon discovery, the Council for Economic Advisers acknowledged the gag.


“Thank you for noticing, our interns are indeed super heroes!” the tweet said. “We’ve thought so all along, but we knew it’d take a little more to get them the attention they deserve. They have made significant contributions to the Economic Report of the President and do so every day at CEA.”

The New York Times, in their due diligence, pointed out that Jabba the Hutt is not a superhero, and is in fact an intergalactic gangster. Also, the NYT pointed out that “John Snow” was likely a reference to Game of Thrones character Jon Snow. The New York Times reached out to the CEA for clarification on it.

“Have a sense of humor!” the CEA spokeswoman replied.




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