YouTube's PewDiePie Is More Watched for News Than Most Mainstream News Outlets by Millions of Views

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Fewer and fewer people trust the mainstream media every day thanks to its unapologetic narrative creation and it’s obvious, yet not confessed to, bias. Slowly but surely, many mainstream media outlets have had to cut back on staff, the most recent of which include Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.


However, nothing has highlighted just how awful it is for the mainstream media than a recent realization that was had by YouTube’s most subscribed to channel, PewDiePie.

Felix Kjellberg, more popularly known as the famous/infamous PewDiePie, has a “news” show on his channel he calls PewNews. On initial watching, it looks more like a satirical news show, and in a way it is, but Kjellberg actually talks about things happening around the world. Here’s an example of the latest video.

A Reddit user noted on the r/pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit that PewDiePie gets more viewers for his news show than Vox and posted a meme along with it.

Upon viewing Vox’s YouTube channel, I noticed that the vast majority of their videos get somewhere around half a million views, while every now and again you’ll see some go beyond one or two million.

PewDiePie’s videos average in the six million range no matter what video he releases, with some videos even going so far as 12 to 14 million.

This technically does make PewDiePie a mainstream news source. However, it goes even deeper than that.

Last November, the ratings for cable news came in and gave us a square idea of what channels and shows were most watched by America.

In terms of prime time programming averages, Fox News took first place 2.439 million viewers, MSNBC was second among the cable news networks with 1.835 million, and CNN third with 1.119 million.

The top programs were Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC, and Hannity and The Five on Fox News, all bringing in viewers around the three million mark. CNN didn’t even have a show in the top 25 news programs with Anderson Cooper placing 26th at 1.4 million.


The January 25 episode of PewNews that I posted above has, as of this writing, 6.3 million views, with some that go millions higher in clicks.

This means that PewDiePie’s Pew News is the most watched news program, outpacing that of all cable news networks prime time programming combined.

It should be noted, however, that PewDiePie only releases one of these a week, but as I said above, PewDiePie’s videos average around six million views no matter what he releases. If he did release an episode daily, then he would likely outperform every news program and personality in America every day.

It’s a wonder that this is even possible, but with mainstream media news becoming something of a burden to the conscious mind, it’s probably not that outside the realm of believability that someone who talks about the news without taking it too seriously would be the person many — from millennials on down in the age brackets — go to for information.


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